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  1. WestSydGuy

    More Self Driving Vehicles in NSW

    https://www.nsw.gov.au/news-and-events/news/driverless-vehicle-trials-coming-to-regional-nsw/ more driverless vehicles, coming to Coffs this year. Maybe Sydney Airport to the nearby hotels would be the next logical step?
  2. transporter007

    FORBES: SDC Is Here 2 Stay, Grow and Prosper

    The development of autonomous driving technology shows all the signs that it is here to stay: interesting markets, a sense of hurry, competition, rapid changes to the law, participants with varied strategies and approaches, benefits… if anybody ever doubted that by 2020 autonomous vehicles would...
  3. tomatopaste

    GM Cruise Prepping Launch Of Driverless Car Pilot In San Francisco: Emails

    But ahead of that, GM’s self-driving unit, GM Cruise, is aiming to deploy autonomous cars without a driver at the wheel as part of a pilot program in San Francisco that, emails obtained by Jalopnik suggest, could launch imminently.
  4. Karl Marx

    State Of Autonomy: March Recap ( Tesla Autonomous early 2019 )

  5. Karl Marx

    The Future of Technology in the Automotive Industry

  6. Karl Marx

    Why it’s time for Uber to get out of the self-driving car business

  7. UberxGTA

    Why driverless cars are further off than we think

    The Truth. Don't believe the hype! https://www.ctvnews.ca/features/bumps-on-the-road-why-driverless-cars-are-further-off-than-we-think-1.3824235
  8. Fostel

    OK, hybrid and electric vehicles supporters...

    check this out!! http://www.saferemr.com/2014/07/shouldnt-hybrid-and-electric-cars-be-re.html
  9. neigedoi

    Driverless Cars Could Make Transportation Free for Everyone

    Here's the article's premise (link below): "Want a gratis ride? You’ll just have to stop at some stores along the way." As a pax, it sounds great. For me as a driver, it sounds like Pool+ (or Pool-minus). EDIT: Here's a bit more from the article: "Say you and your friends want to go to the...
  10. DonS

    Uber orders 24,000 Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrids for fleet of driverless autos

    We can see where they going with this, so major changes in next couple years for us. https://electrek.co/2017/11/20/uber-volvo-xc90/
  11. QLDUberDriver

    Uber to buy 24,000 Volvo cars for driverless fleet

    Just as I mentioned in numerous posts in the past, driver less will come sooner than people think. The old conversation of "Uber needs to raise rates" and "Uber needs to not flood the driver pool" is all a waste of time and a repeating conversation for drivers since the first U.S. price drops...
  12. Karl Marx

    Driverless trucks are coming to Canada and the impact will be profound

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/autonomous-trucks-economy-1.4403057 I distinctly remember all the doubters here that said I was totally off the mark about my prediction about driverless cars and trucks. With learning machines now moving into medicine the changes there will be just as profound...
  13. BurgerTiime

    Driverless shuttle crashes on first day of service in downtown Las Vegas

    http://news3lv.com/news/local/driverless-shuttle-crashes-on-first-day-of-service-in-downtown-las-vegas LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) — Las Vegas is the first city in America to have a self-driving shuttle operating in real-time. Those checking out the shuttle system won't see anything else like...
  14. Lurking

    Trump Slams the Brakes on Self-Driving Cars

    The politics may be more difficult to overcome than the technology _____ Sept. 22nd https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-09-22/trump-slams-the-brakes-on-self-driving-cars Trump Slams the Brakes on Self-Driving Cars Sept. 21st...
  15. Karl Marx

    Which intelligent car would you buy? One avoids 5 people and killing you. Upscale model spars you.

    http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/how-humankind-is-on-the-verge-of-transforming-itself-yuval-harari-1.3799865 After listening to this I thought, Uber could charge an extra fee for riders who would want this option for driverless rides. Great discussion on AI. Many of you waiting for fares might...
  16. Maven

    Racial Discrimination & SDCs

    Duh! Of course, "professional drivers of color" will be disproportionately affected. :mad: Not just rideshare drivers, but taxis, livery, trucks, buses, school buses, etc. :( Fortunately, flying-Ubers not that big an issue because fewer "pilots of color". :rolleyes: ____________________ How...
  17. Maven

    Work for a Driver-Friendly Foreign Competitor?

    Buy American Chinese? If a Chinese company offered better pay and showed respect for American drivers, would they remain patriotically loyal to American-based Uber? Uber is viewed negatively by most drivers because of perceived poor pay and worse treatment. A growing percentage of the public is...
  18. J

    Driverless Uber

    Hi everyone! As a student doing a survey for a project, I'd like to have your opinion on driverless Uber. Do you think it would be a good idea? Would you use it? What would be your concerns? What would be the advantages? Thanks for sharing
  19. GR8driverATL

    Uber and the Rise of the Machines

    Robots don’t draw wages. Machines don’t complain when treated unfairly. Computers don’t file class action lawsuits. I remember, as far back as 20 years ago, experts predicting that vast sections of the labor force would eventually be replaced by automation. The market economy is driven by...
  20. HumungousDill

    Driverless cars pulled from SF

    Ubers big fail hahahaha http://www.9news.com.au/uber