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driver survey

  1. M


    I can't find the "middle finger" emoji.... To let Uber know how happy I am, When Uber takes up to 50 percent of the passengers fare.
  2. überuntil

    Uber drivers say that driving for Uber kind of sucks

    Hmmm...neutral and dissatisfied percentages seem low, but this is still a good effort to get a more objective sense of the true morale level of drivers. TRANSPORTATION Uber drivers say that driving for Uber kind of sucks The life and times of the independent contractor By Andrew J . Hawkins...
  3. chi1cabby

    Uber 2015 Driver survey highlights driver happiness, ignores earnings

    http://m.sfgate.com/business/article/Uber-survey-highlights-driver-happiness-ignores-6676872.php Uber released a survey Monday showing that its U.S. drivers — now numbering over 400,000 — value flexibility and enjoy their work. But the survey seemed as notable for what it omitted, such as...
  4. M

    Lyft and Uber Driver Survey - turnover high, wages low

    From Sherpashare http://m.sfgate.com/business/article/Lyft-Uber-drivers-turnover-high-wages-low-6585229.php