driver support

  1. ZenUber

    Very convenient glitch for Uber

    I show up for an X request, and it’s 5 college girls. I tell them I can’t take 5 so the girl say, how about if we cancel the ride and order an XL. So they get out and order an XL, but on a different phone. So the timer is still running on the X ride. The girl says the XL ride went to a different...
  2. AHFAM8416

    Customer Service Phone Number??

    Does anyone have the Uber Eats Customer Service phone number for a support team that does more than read from an infuriatingly stupid and unhelpful script before doing nothing to help?? Please, anything would be much appreciated, these people are going to drive me straighten to the looney bin...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Did LYFT up their STACKED RIDE lever in GTA?

    Saturday and Sunday this weekend had a lot of 'stacked queued' rides on LYFT. (Although Friday was just as busy, not I did not experience any of this stacking.) Like METRO3 , I dislike LYFT's stacking of rides because it 'automatically accepts' them. I cannot see either PAX RATING or PICK-UP...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    Behold! The $1 Bonus

    Amusing bit of proactive administration on LYFT's part. TL;DR **ADVANCED WARNING** There is no plot twist or drama in the story below. After getting on top of a head-cold I was fighting, I turned the app on at about 10pm last night. I got about 1 minute away after being about 1 hour online...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Phone support now available to Canberra Uber drivers

    An in-app (and email) message advises that phone support is now available for Canberra drivers on 1300 091 272 from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, seven days a week. I understand that the staff are in Manila.
  6. GR8driverATL

    Driver Support, Why Do You Hurt Me?

    Uber’s innovative brilliance and mammoth success has earned the company permanent status among the most historically significant commercial endeavors ever launched. With a strikingly simple concept and masterful execution, Uber has almost singlehandedly redefined the vehicle-for-hire industry...
  7. RedoBeach

    Crickets... Chirp, Chirp!

    What happened to this forum? It seems there's never a decent discussion anymore and most posts consist of drivers bashing each other or whining about Trump. What happened to the interesting stories and driver commoraderie ?! So negative & unevolved recently. Is this what we've surrendered to?
  8. Taarna

    Eats or x??

    I recently signed up for Ubereats, and when I didn't get enough calls, I also signed up for UberX (with a different car). I went and spoke to an Uber rep in person, and she set up my account to do both. Or so she said... This morning, I changed my car to the one available for X, and all I got...
  9. P

    Driver Support going to Hell in a hand-basket.

    The email interaction pretty much says it all Start reading from the bottom to follow the time line. I already uploaded the picture already to Uber. The Uber rep at Uber office even went into the file and saw it. So I don't understand how it is you don't see it. I took the picture with the...
  10. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Driver support

    Isn't amazing that uber is so terrible providing the support for drivers? We as drivers are held at such a high standard that our ratings can determine wether we can drive or not. I implore all drivers to tell their support representatives that if we used the same bullshit 5 star rating...
  11. Daisey77

    off-site driver support locations

    does anyone know if there are, as Uber claims, any off-site driver support locations? They say there's multiple off-site locations where you can go talk to Uber support person. I need to find one ASAP. I'm not able to make it down to the office by 5 and they have stolen pretty much my entire...
  12. chi1cabby

    Contracts And Chaos: Inside Uber’s Customer Service Struggles

    By Booyah
  13. UBER GOY

    Contacting Lyft???? I need support and can't get it

    Hi, I'm hoping one of you more experienced drivers would help me get contact information for lyft. I have been driving for them for about a month, everything was going great. However, I recently got a new car and have submitted all required docs and photos to update my driver account. This was a...