driver stories

  1. L

    Almost got into a fight doing UberEats (not with co-workers)

    Hello, I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, and I was doing ubereats around the Waltham area this morning. I had a delivery for finagle a bagel in auburndale MA. There was no parking and I didn’t wanna park far, so I parked in handicapped spot, because I know it’ll be a few seconds and plus there...
  2. Florida Driver 14

    Customer inebriated and stole my car charger uber gave me 30 bucks to reimburse me

    It all started that I got a ping, which led me to my next pick up she gotten a vehicle and she was very inebriated she's right her cigarette because I told her no smoking in my vehicle! And she apologized and threw it out and said no problem gotten the vehicle she started to ask questions...
  3. SharedRideTruther

    Wow. Best Riders EVER. I Take Back Everything I've Said About Uber Till Now

    So, I am heading home down I-77 from an 'ok' Uber nite in Charlotte NC, 2:30 a.m., and forget I have the app on after my last fare. I am rarely out driving Uber this late near Charlotte due to the drunk knuckleheads who abuse you, and then rate you badly, but I had 2 good airport runs back to...