driver safety

  1. MHR

    Uber CEO Decides Driver Safety Isn't His Problem Uber CEO Decides Driver Safety Isn't His Problem Bryan Menegus Yesterday 2:30PM Gig workers pose a clear danger where the continued spread of covid-19 is concerned. As to the open question of how to responsibly...
  2. Mista T

    Driver safety at its finest

    Pickup in the hood. A man, maybe 30, and a kid, maybe 10. Neither one looked like a "Natalie". Kid sat in back with his arms crossed the whole time. Had an angry frown so mean it could turn an angel to dust. Man sat in front checking out the buildings as we drove. Amazed at all the growth and...
  3. Robo57

    Dude pulled a gun on me

    A few nights ago, I made a wrong turn into a dead-end street behind the Ramada Inn on Capitol Ave (near Turner Field). A ping (ride request) comes in as I turn to go back onto Fulton. Suddenly, a white sports car pulls up in front of me from a side street, blocking my path. My first thought was...
  4. AvengingxxAngel

    Driver self defense suggestions

    When I get bored I usually nosey around on the U.S forums, a topic they raise often is driver self defense. Found this video, and thought it'd be a good topic to bring up for discussion.
  5. E

    (Female) Driver Safety

    Not sure how many on here are female Uber drivers, I imagine there aren't too many on the roads due to the fact almost every 2nd passenger exclaims how I'm only their 1st or 2nd female Uber driver. I've been driving for 4 months, but only recently have started driving at night. I'm always alert...
  6. Jack Malarkey

    Be careful: carjackings can happen in Canberra Extract (first two paragraphs): Real estate agent Steve Thomas was finishing work in his car in Yarralumla on Thursday morning before doing a property...
  7. pizza guy

    Article updating Grant Nelson Murder trial

    Teen girl accused of killing Uber driver asked to provide phone password, DNA This situation hit a lot of us hard and I just wanted provide an update.
  8. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber addresses driver safety in Brazil 2/14/17

    Uber got back to [Gizmodo] with some figures about Brazil and its cash payment option. These figures include such sobering statistics as, “Of the 50 most violent cities in the world, 21 are in Brazil.” The company also added that over half of the rides in São Paolo’s outer boroughs are paid in...
  9. Emily Reid

    Your health and safety as a driver matters to us.

    Flu. Vomit. Accidents. Fatigue. Harassment. You or pax gets sick or injured. You have health and safety concerns as a driver. We want to hear directly from you. This is a study on the health and safety of UberX drivers and passengers. We are asking drivers to participate in focus groups in...
  10. S

    Petition Driver Photo Selfie Verification

    Who can do anything to get UBER to remove/opt-me-out of their new "security" feature? Read details below on my position. Then respond to, "What's your position on this feature, and why?" This new (Sept.-Nov. 2016) Uber security policy for UBER Drivers' "Real-Time ID Checks" is both sexually...
  11. C

    Customers with weapons

    I've thought of becoming a driver, then a chilling thought came on. If someone registers to be an Uber driver, how do they prevent a customer from shooting them in the back of the head? Are there any protocols?
  12. UberxGTA

    Driver Assaults

    Have you ever been assaulted as a driver on an Uber ride? Please detail your experience and what you would do differently.
  13. chi1cabby

    Are Riders' & Drivers' REAL phone numbers being displayed on the App?

    I just received this screenshot via Twitter DM. The email from Uber Support reads: "I understand that you are concern about riders seeing your real phone number on the rider app. As of this time it is Uber's new policy to display real phone number of it's Uber partners. Because there is no more...
  14. Starman@uber

    Pretrip Safety and Driver Safety Tips

    As a Precision Driver, trained for Film and TV Productions and as I drive part time for UBER I'd like to share some basics for new or old Uber/Lyft Drivers if they don't already do this. If it can help you in anyway, great! If not carry on as you do :) Pretrip Inspection: What's a Pretrip...
  15. Uberisthenewpoor

    Everyone run out to drive in the tornado!

    I was just thinking, there's no surge from the cotton bowl, there's a Mavs game tonight, tons of lightning and a tornado - possibly two on the ground, 75 Central is a parking lot. Get the text from Uber to get out and drive people to the Mavs game, I wouldn't go out there right now for any...
  16. chi1cabby

    Uber Driver Attacked By Passenger In Boston
  17. SharedRideTruther

    Uber Driver Assaulted By Thug Pax in Brooklyn NY

    Try to watch this video of these thugs assaulting an Uber driver in Brooklyn NY, all while laughing about it and recording it. Click HERE to watch it I have a tougher and tougher time understanding such Thuggery, and watching these knuckleheads doing this makes my blood boil. I know, I know...
  18. UbrsEvil

    Uber Driver Found Dead in Her Car

    A lady driving for Uber was found dead last week at a shopping center parking lot in Orange County CA. Word is the lady was driving really long hours to make ends meet.Cause of death may be a heart attack. What makes the story more sad is that she was lying dead on her driver seat in her car for...