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driver referrals

  1. B

    Referring other drivers

    Be aware that if you invite someone to drive via your code, Uber will allow the new driver to switch the referral to someone else at the last minute. Uber's response is that it's up to the invitee. Isn't that awesome!
  2. George989

    Ripped of on Rider Referrals

    Hi Guys, First post on here. Looking for some advice, and to see if anybody has run into the same issue with Uber and what action they may have taken. So I started taking rides about 4 months ago. I was well aware of the perks of referrals rewards, for both drivers and riders. Uber just...
  3. H

    Can drivers post ads recruiting other drivers on Craigslist?

    An experienced driver told me not to do this, but then I heard that it may be ok as long as you don't post your invite code. Any facts/advice would be appreciated--Thx.
  4. Daniel Rombouts

    Are you interested in Prebooked Fixed Fares? - GPU Adelaide July

    Get Picked Up (GPU) are launching GPU Ride in Adelaide in July and we are looking for drivers. We work with a lot of large Travel Agencies including Flight Centre and have alot of existing clients who are looking to use our service in Adelaide. GPU has been operating a Chauffeur Service...
  5. Daniel Rombouts

    GPU Ride is Launching in Perth July - Signup ahead of the launch.....

    Get Picked Up (GPU) are launching GPU Ride in Perth in July and we are looking for drivers. Our main points of difference is that we offer customers Prebooked Journeys and Fixed, Upfront Prices. We display Journey Date/Time/Pickup/Destination and rate at the time of a booking offer so you know...
  6. Daniel Rombouts

    GPU pays drivers 5% ongoing commission for client referrals and are looking for drivers.

    Get Picked Up (GPU) have a new promo running offering 5% ongoing commission on client referrals - and we are looking for drivers! If clients sign up with a drivers referral code they; Become a preferred driver for all future bookings. (meaning you are offered it first) Receive 5% commission...
  7. TigerUber

    Guaranteed Hourly rates in NOLA

    I wanted to know how anyone driving for lyft felt about the "opt in" program for hourly guarantees they are doing currently ($25-$30/hour). I've been doing it this week and believe that it will be more profitable than not opting in, but am not certain because I don't believe they let you use...
  8. The-one-89

    Driver referrals

    driver referral bonus dropped alot. It was $750 now its only $300 wtf. How much is a passenger referral bonus?
  9. N

    Are my ratings affected by Referred Drivers ratings?

    Can someone please clarify if your RATINGS as a Driver are affected by the other Drivers you REFER? I wanted someone to get a bonus for my joining but can't seem to figure out why people wouldn't want to take advantage of an easy referral. I really don't know many personally who drive for a...
  10. P

    Desperate For New Drivers

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: $300 REFERRAL REWARD Hi Poor Basterd, you are eligible for an increased referral reward! The approaching holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for Uber and we need your help finding new driver-partners! Here's how it works: 1. Find friends who can drive...
  11. 2hot2handle

    Does Uber Really Pay For Referrals?

    Anyone have experience with uber payout on either rider referrals or driver referrals? I mean their so shady I don't know if they would even really pay, especially since you cant track it like most affiliate programs. So any experienced people with this your knowledge would be appreciated.