driver ratings

  1. Rakos

    Uber AI caught lying

    In the last short while... I have been Ubering as a rider... It has been an education... an eye opening revelation... Everyone should do it... At least a couple of times... I caught the Uber AI lying to me...8>O Requested a ride... Driver popped up with 5.0 rating... It was so unique I...
  2. RideshareSpectrum

    How You Can Improve

    PAX Nailed it.
  3. I

    Poll about driver ratings

    Lots of opinions out there about results of driver ratings. Please answer these poll questions. Perhaps consensus will reveal some truth.
  4. Maven

    Ratings will be last 100 trips as of 3/29

    Seen something like this on your driver-App recently? Supposedly, being tested in selected (I don't know which) New Jersey cities along with Pittsburgh, Dallas and Denver. Expect your current rating, now based on the last 500 rated trips to change. Hopefully up, but don't count on it. An...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Interesting article in Financial Review of ratings by Uber drivers of riders

    An article by Peter Moon entitled 'Uber ratings force us to look in the mirror' n the Technology column of the Australian Financial Review of Tuesday 7 March 2017 is worth reading. It concerns the ratings Uber drivers give their riders. See...
  6. Abe Froman

    Driver rating

    Hey Everyone, New user here. Does anyone know if having a high driver rating on Uber carries any value beyond not getting kicked off the app? Also, does anyone have this kind of acceptance rate on certain days? I'm trying to avoid pools during surges or because I'm getting requests outside of...
  7. Aussie_Mike

    Reasons why Riders rate Drivers less!

    Because driver doesn't look like Brad Pitt. Because Uber X car is not a luxury car. Because down the hill you exceeded the speed limit by 1 kph. Because you didn't stop for the yellow light. Because you did stop for the yellow light. Because you arrived to quickly. Because the rider is...
  8. financeguy13

    News Article - How I Raised My Uber Rating

    I think that as drivers we often forget how powerful it is to rate passengers. As this article explains, most think they are 5.0 passengers. Of course, because it's natural to think you are perfect. She does a great job of explaining why she had a 4.4 and then what she did to get it up to 4.8...
  9. JaneBond462

    Is there a way to see a breakdown of your ratings?

    When I opened my pay summary email this morning, I saw that I have a 4.6 rating. Yet on the Partner app, it shows my rating as 5.0. I have 26 lifetime trips, 21 rated trips and 19 of those are 5 star. Last week, I had 7 rides. I can't find a way to see what ratings for individual rides are...
  10. emattson0711

    Rating drivers by riders

    Uber should require a reason for a less than 5-star rating when given by a rider, so the driver knows where improvements are needed or if in fact, a conflict might have been caused by the rider himself. I have written to Uber three times about this but have never received a reply.
  11. N

    Are my ratings affected by Referred Drivers ratings?

    Can someone please clarify if your RATINGS as a Driver are affected by the other Drivers you REFER? I wanted someone to get a bonus for my joining but can't seem to figure out why people wouldn't want to take advantage of an easy referral. I really don't know many personally who drive for a...
  12. DrivenToDistraction

    Reading Passenger Comments On App In Android?

    A friend of mine also drives for Uber, although he is using an Android phone while I am on an iPhone 6s, running the latest software (both the latest Apple software and the latest Uber software.) He showed me tonight how he is able to go into the Uber app and look more closely at the ratings his...