driver incentives

  1. SMH Uber

    Has anyone ever collected the Lost & Found Fee?

    I have a friend that left their keys in an uber yesterday. I told them to tip the driver for coming out of his way to bring the keys back. That friend informed me that they would not tip because they are paying a $15 fee to get the item returned. I was shocked to hear about the fee. My thoughts...
  2. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Referral bonus for new riders.

    We used to be able to offer first ride up to $20 off. They changed that to $15. And we have to compete against uber too. They would offer free rides when people downloaded the app.. And offer this today at ucf area... $20 off for new semester. Image below. Not to mention all the other offers...
  3. UberEricLong

    Why No Uber Credit Incentive For Drivers?

    Ok, so I get that Uber is NOT going to add a tip function to the app and I also get they mercilessly slash rates. And while I do appreciate the 10% discount at Autozone, why not give us an incentive that is actually worth something? Specifically, why not offer us Uber credits that we can use as...
  4. TSqrd

    Uber Snow Day (I mean Snow Job) Vacation Contest

    Anyone else but me notice that Uber just pulled a major contest offer bait and switch move? When Uber Snow Day was introduced in February, the offer was that a vacation for two would be awarded, with the winner being announced on February 29, 2016. Did you see the winner's name anywhere in...