driver earnings

  1. Cold Fusion

    ? Older Uber Drivers Earn Less Than Younger Ones ⚠️ EXPLAINING A PAY GAP OF NEARLY 10% Diamond, the Stanford economist, co-authored a recent study that broke down earnings for Uber drivers by age. The researchers found that 60-year-old drivers earn nearly...
  2. A

    Transplanting to Seattle, earnings question?

    Hey everyone! I was an Uber driver in Flagstaff, AZ, where I was making pretty good money driving full-time. Was just wondering if Uber’s official estimated earnings in Seattle (around $20/hr) were reasonably accurate, and if not, what have been your experiences? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  3. Maven

    Lyft (& Uber) in Syracuse

    Both Lyft & Uber are now operating in Syracuse. You may wish to join both and use them to "supplement" each other. Both driver-Apps may be run on the same phone at the same time. This may result in you getting paid for successfully completing more requests than if you were to run only one...
  4. UberxGTA

    What Uber really means when they talk about 'driver's earnings'.

    Whenever Uber makes a policy change, adds an app feature, or lowers the fares and justifies it by saying it increases driver earnings. What Uber really means is that 'overall driver earnings' actually means 'overall Uber revenue'. This should NOT be confused with 'an average driver earnings'. It...
  5. Galaxy

    Driver Saturation

    Do you believe the Uber passenger app is accurate? It seems like every time I look to logon, there are drivers EVERYWHERE. Are you finding that your income has dropped significantly regardless of when you drive?
  6. UberReallySucks

    Congrats SD Drivers, you've created a Surge Free Zone!

    Beautiful Surge free zone.
  7. David Miner

    Uber has to change pay structure for smaller cites

    Uber needs to change how they pay drivers in Kalamazoo, MI (which relates directly to other small cities, also). Fares can go up since they are 50% less than a taxi and Uber can share it's wealth with it's partners. (Are we, the drivers, really treated like partners at Uber? My partners never...
  8. Haider

    Uber drop prices in New York and might do the same in London!!!
  9. chi1cabby

    Uber for Welfare: "Uber/Lyft Drivers make $19/Hour"

    Uber for welfare A bold proposal to use the “gig economy” to reboot the safety net. By Derek Khanna (Twitter @DerekKhanna) & Cesar Conda (Twitter @CesarConda) "What do these jobs look like? For those willing and able to drive, Uber and Lyft enlist anyone to be a driver — assuming they pass a...
  10. Maderacopy

    How long will it take for the driver NYE staffing buildup to drop?

    I've only been driving since November. I was making a lot of money through December. I noticed a huge influx of drivers for New Years in both Uber and Lyft. For those who were around last year, how long for it to normalize and some of those new drivers to drop off. I stopped way early last night...
  11. A

    Thoughts on being an Uber Driver - for a mag feature

    Hi, I'm looking to speak to Uber drivers in the UK about their experiences and personal thoughts of working for the company. These can be good or bad, as I'm looking to speak to a range of people over the phone about it. I will also need a headshot of you to accompany your piece if that is OK...
  12. Ewis

    Packaging job vs driving for Uber

    After one year of driving for Uber and investing 10K in a car I realized that working as a packer is nothing different from driving for Uber. However, with the packaging job you don't have to invest 10k in a car and see it depreciates like crazy with Uber. You don't have to invest 10k to get a...
  13. TxTech

    Uber drivers are fighting a corporate culture

    Travis Kalanick has been compared to Amazon's Jeff Bezos by Bezos' "relentlessly pushing to keep prices low while expanding—at the cost of short-term profits". Consider this, if Uber does not care about its profits as a company, how can Uber care about the profits of its drivers. Kalanick...
  14. chi1cabby

    Uber: The villain everyone loves to use Employment law expert at University of Adelaide, Professor Andrew Stewart, says it is unclear if the current arrangement between Uber and UberX drivers is legal. A driver who has been Ubering for nearly a...