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  1. Dug_M

    Anybody notice that the Pax App now only shows cars in your immediate area?

    Last night I noticed that I could only see cars in the pax app in Monmouth Beach and LB as far down as Seven Presidents park... It seemed (in the app) that no cars were in Sea Bright, Little Silver (even at the foot of Seven Bridges road near Oceanport). Same with Red Bank/Asbury. I then drove...
  2. Uberx Vegas

    Are you staying away from Caesars Palace?

    Are you staying away from Caesars Palace.? I am uberx driver and I have not been getting request for pick ups or drop offs from Caesars Palace for more than a week now and to be honest with you I am not missing anything at all. I think Uber team Las Vegas knows what the problems are so do...