driver authority card

  1. W

    ubers new sign up prosecure

    hey guys, I just wanna ask that; i have got driver authority card before 1 of November and on the letter its says ''You will be automatically transitioned as a driver to the new regulatory framework. This means that at midnight on 31 October 2017, you will automatically have a Passenger...
  2. HBG

    Driver Authority Approval ETA

    Hi, any idea of the approval process on a Driver Approval ETA? I started last week, started driving on the weekend in Newcastle. During the week I purchased a New Mobile phone (for use with Uber) worth $400, as well as booked accommodation closer to the city. I left work early on Friday...
  3. paton400

    RMS Driver Authority Card - Driving record

    Does anyone know anything about the strictness of RMS when it comes to your driving record? I'm about to apply from my Authority Card, but I'm a little nervous of a few tickets I received when I was young and stupid back in 2011 (and yes they JUST (with a matter of months) fall within the 5...