driver attacked

  1. QLDUberDriver

    UBER driving now makes toilet cleaning look glamorous - Well Done Uber!

    Everyone can expect to read more news as time passes about this type of behavior in Ubers. Trash riders and low quality drivers is what the collective will see Uber as. Rubbish riders to rapist drivers, you can thank Ubers desperate race to gain aggressive market share to devalue the service...
  2. Rideshare Safety People

    Rideshare Safety: Is it a real concern?

    I've been reading many posts here and in other channels regarding safety issues for the ridesharing industry. Its sad to see that some people think its a joke for drivers and riders to be concerned about it. We've seen dash cam vids and heard news coverage on both driver and rider attacks...
  3. Instyle

    Sickening news Moorooka, Brisbane where a Bus Driver is set alight

    The 29-year-old driver stood no chance after a passenger threw an incendiary device at a Brisbane bus driver, setting him alight and killing him. The Brisbane bus driver has been named as Manmeet Alisher, a prominent figure in the Punjabi community in Australia. The news of his death was shared...