driver app

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Change in terminology confirmed

    Uber is now using the term 'confirmation rate' rather than 'acceptance rate' on the driver app. The essential meaning is the same but the new term seems to imply an expectation that the driver will take on rides offered.
  2. pizza guy

    Delete driver app...even if temporary

    There's not much we can do to send Uber and Lyft a message about our unhappiness. They hired a president who said he was going to talk to drivers and make changes. I believe he was honest and sincere because after talking to drivers... he quit. This morning after bad experience with customer...
  3. Maven

    UberEats Tipping, Rating & Matching

    Tipping sucks for both delivery and pickup. :( Some will argue that they subjectively see better tips on either delivery or pickup. Others will claim that tipping is better for premium services (uberBlack, uberSelect, etc) or worse for uberPool. Tipping still sucks on uberAnything vs. LYFT...
  4. thirty4delta

    Cancellations ?! &[email protected]%! & changes

    Hi Everyone, I've been driving Lyft & Uber and cannot go one night without atleast 2 cancellations--usually unpaid. Is this typical in Tucson? Also, I can't change a rider's final destination or add stops in my Uber app. There is no"destination bar" like the tutorial says. Anybody else have...
  5. Maven

    New App Needed: RidesharePro

    We all know that the way to maximize earnings is to maximize pings (requests) per hour and avoid short trips. Uber cannot be relied upon for either. The obvious solution is technology. The first step is for Uber drivers also join Lyft, Grubhub, and any other active service in their region...
  6. Alkimist

    Multiple stop

    Hello, I am new to lyft and one night my rider ask if we can stop at 7/11 and i told him that he can add a stop on the app, but the rider refused to do it and said it will just be quick, the rider was huge and i dont wanna make him upset and lead to something bad. So what can i do to get the...
  7. M

    Uber Rejecting Direct Emails?

    Has anyone noticed that now you can no longer send emails direct to "[email protected]" Ive tried twice and gotten back this generic reply....One can only assume that Uber got tired of drivers emailing theming isntead were supposed to get our questions answered form a list of...
  8. TerryMurphy000

    Uber Driver app crashes and reboots itself 120 feet from pick ups

    Happens every time, once I get within 120 feet of a destination (both pickups and drop offs) it crashes and reboots. Any idea as to how to overcome this?
  9. garobo

    Switch to "Rate Rider" before ride starts

    This has happened to me twice in a week. The passenger gets in, I hit "Start Ride", I hit the navigation button, and the app goes immediately to "Rate Passenger" as if the ride was over. I can't seem to do anything but complete the ride (even though we haven't gone anywhere), and ask the...
  10. U

    Driver app keeps disappearing into background

    Anyone else get this issue? When I am online the circle icon stays in front of every other window but sometimes it randomly stops appearing when I am in another window. I have to uninstall and reinstall when that happens. freaking annoying
  11. D

    Help please

    so I have been trying to sing up, but I got a message on my driver app saying that my account needs attention. I already upload all my doc, I cant get a hold with uber chat anymore. or the phone number listed on google....anyone want to inform me why is that,
  12. SoobieDriver

    Select ONLY now flashing as uberx also?? And vice versa..

    K what is going on? When I go online as select only (which I started doing a little less than a year ago after making peanuts on x with a car that is not exactly fuel efficient) , I notice on the rider app that uberx cars will flash up as select too then disappear if you move the pin one address...
  13. soTuga

    How is Greyhound?

    Just seen an advert that Greyhound wants drivers, like all ops do. I see their cars on the road, mainly in the southwest. Has anyone worked or is working with them/ how are the controllers or app? - Is there enough work? I want to try a cash circuit that is also open shifts as I plan to work...
  14. JosephCabrera

    Uber Driving App Wont Let Me Go Online (profile pic)

    Day 3! Here is the problem Every Time I go into the (uber driver partners app) and select "ONLINE" to go to work and drive to make money for me and the company I get the (picture attached) please upload a profile picture so that your customers can see you better WHICH I have done since Monday...
  15. Silent_Philosodriver

    Finally - A 'pause' button to stop requests from coming

    Did you guys/gals saw this? From UBER blog "A “pause” switch lets drivers temporarily turn off new ride requests so they can grab a coffee or take a break. Hitting pause also lets drivers end their day cleanly, with the app automatically taking them off the grid when they drop off that last...
  16. PSB

    Driver app not connecting to server

    App not connecting to server when I try to see my earnings. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've restarted, reinstalled, and changed password nothing seems to work.
  17. Starman@uber

    Uber Fare

    Question about Base fare. When I use the rider app, It shows a base fare of $4.65 from Burbank To Glendale. As a driver, I picked up a person from Burbank to Glendale but his fare was $2.45 -.40 uber fee, so basically I was paid $2.05 So how is it that the rider did not pay the base fare of $4.65?
  18. Uber-Doober

    Uber Passenger App And Driver App Potentially Leaks Personally Identifiable Data.

    Has your credit card or ATM card been hit with charges that you did not make recently? Well.... mine was just a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the driver app on my phone any more, but still have the rider app installed. Here's the thing, and you can click on the link below for more...
  19. AugustusGloop

    Partner App - Little black car cursor stuck pointing up

    I noticed the other day that the little black car cursor on the map only points up. It was working before, pointing in the location I am facing, and now it isn't. This is on the main map you see when you "Go Online". The cursor will move in the direction I move in, but will always point up...
  20. Black Excellence

    Rockford Uber driver app >>> Chicago's???

    Sorry if this is a repeat post. I'm new to the board. So recently I was in Rockford for personal business/pleasure (I know how much of an oxymoron that sounds) and I wound up getting on the app just cause. I didn't realize they even did Uber in Rockford, but when I opened the app, everything...