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  1. hewlett2packard

    Singapore all Driverless Taxis by 2018

    South China Morning Post http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/economy/article/2024445/hong-kong-not-ready-trial-driverless-cars-government-says#add-comment “This global trend will force governments to put in place driverless taxis because automakers around the world will mainly produce...
  2. Allegro Acura

    Autonomous boats set to sail on the amstel river, amsterdam

    In a collaboration with researchers at the massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), the amsterdam institute for advanced metropolitan solutions (AMS institute) has started the world’s first major research program on autonomous floating vessels in metropolitan areas. ‘roboat’ will be...
  3. W

    This holiday drive less

    Let's teach uber who has the power... Currently uber is having a high turnover in terms of people quiting... and thats why you are seeing their commercial on TV. The power is on you the driver... So force uber to raise the fare by driving less...