1. I

    London Approx Monthly salary

    Hi everyone, I am currently considering starting as a uber driver in London, however I am planning to rent a car in the beginning which would mean I would have to pay approximately around £800 a month for the car. I wanted to ask if there are any drivers in London that can inform me if I would...
  2. D

    MAKE $20-$30 an hour driving in the Hamptons Area of Long Island NY

    Hamptons Delivery Service is looking for drivers in the Hamptons area.Only requirement is a valid drivers license and a car. Please email us at [email protected] or call 631-898-6906. We tend to average over $6 per tip in this area some drivers have got over $100 in 5 deliveries.
  3. U

    Looking for drivers to help!

    Hi, I'm working on a project that is based around helping drivers earn additional money by pre-stocking trunks with commonly delivered items (like chips or sodas), and enabling drivers to deliver them in downtime between rides. We use machine learning to predict orders before they happen, and...
  4. Antvirus

    Uber As Loan Shark? Help Uber Build Something New

    Check your app for the latest survey. Uber handing out loans? My that's comforting...
  5. N

    help i really need help

    so i was assaulted last Saturday night by some lyft passengers because they wanted to smoke weed and we started a little confrontation. i stopped and asked. them to leave from my car. they started hitting me and dislocated one of my shoulders. the police is investigating but lyft just contacted...
  6. harvcel

    Can I drive in another state after dropping passenger off?

    I live in Brunswick, GA. We often take passengers to Jacksonville Int'l. (In Florida) Airport about 45 minutes away. With Lyft I get multiple pings in Florida after I drop my passenger off. I'm assuming it's ok to accept rides in FL since they're coming my way. Looking for input. Thanks!
  7. Initial D

    Question about "Drive to Airport - You will get a request on the way" (Lyft)

    Whenever I'm at SFO or the Oakland Airport, I always get the message to drive to the airport for a ride from Lyft after I'm really close to the top of the queue. I was wondering, is the queue still moving while this message is up? I usually wait on Lyft and get a request for Uber, so I can tell...
  8. M

    Accident Backed into a pole Express Drive Lyft Hertz Rental

    I was going to pick up a passenger last night but before I got to them I was backing up and scraped the back, lower right portion of the bumper. The damage was minor, probably expensive though, car was very drivable and I just finished driving for the night. Problem is that the vehicle is an...
  9. DollarFree

    A little lie

    Pulling up to In ‘n Out in Millbrae, Pax “Excuse me, is there a drive-in at this one?” Me “No. Here’s the front door, bye bye.” (driving past the drive thru line”) Pax “Oh. Thank- you”. wtf.
  10. scenekidseena

    I need a link for the lax placard quiz I can't find it anywhere please help

    Please someone help
  11. MoneyBeard

    Uber/Lyft Analytics

    Good morning! I've been kicking around an idea to add value for Uber/Lyft drivers by providing incite into advanced analytics and statistics of their driving habits and marketplace. The quick version of this back story; my thesis for my grad program in statistics/economics was based in analysis...
  12. SoCalGabbieCash

    One Star

    Uber has the ratings system rigged against drivers. I've gotten the conversation flag just for talking in general. Uber doesn't like us giving pax poor ratings because it makes it hard for them to get picked up. Oh well guess what Uber? I don't care anymore. Rude = 1 star. Leaving trash = 1...
  13. S

    Can I drive in New York with a PA license?

    I live about 15 miles from the city I want to drive in, but it's in another state (New York.) The closest PA city to drive in is 45 miles away. I'm still waiting to be approved to drive. My background check says "consider" and my license, insurance, and registration is approved. My profile...
  14. Frank Underwood

    How Drivers Should Be Rated

    I know many drivers clamor for a 'living wage'. However, I think giving badges and earning ratings is a better strategy for higher pay. When customers are happy, drivers will get more rides. Thankfully Uber is smart to keep prices lower, this leads to more rides. Excellent service leads to more...
  15. J

    Possible income?

    Hi there! I am new to Uber... But my husband drives off and on for both Uber and Lyft since September. Looking for realistic numbers on possible income for driving say 10 days out of the month in in St Paul / Minneapolis and surrounding areas... I plan to get the permit so that I can pick up...
  16. U

    What car vs what MPG.

    Just a curious thought as am in the market for a new car. We all know car manufacturers exaggerate on their MPG figures. From experience what cars get what MPG in London? I have heard that Prius's claimed 72mpg is more like 40.. My bmw 325d got around 40-45 in London without trying too hard...
  17. SoCalGabbieCash

    Las Vegas Uber forum

    Hey fellow Los Angelian rideshare drivers. I relocated to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in 2016. I saw that Uber and Lyft were here and thought I would give it a try. Man was that a mistake. Initially, I started off doing Lyft. It would take me 10 to 11 hours just to make $100. Then there's the...
  18. SoCalGabbieCash

    Warning against a lawsuit

    Look what I emailed to the Deputy Director of Airport Operations at McCarran: Thank you for submitting your comments. Please allow up to three business days for a response. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to assisting you. The following information has been sent to us. Attn...
  19. SoCalGabbieCash

    Tired of making money for Uber

    A certain taxi company located on industrial is hiring taxi drivers and chauffeurs. I interviewed with w h i t t l e s e a and I am glad to be going back to chauffeuring. Whatever I make will be more than what Uber pays. ( WITHOUT KICKBACKS ) They even have an option to lease their taxi. I said...
  20. SoCalGabbieCash

    Poor retaliatory ratings

    Since inception Uber has allowed pax to arbitrarily rate drivers. From the beginning, Uber has trained pax to expect five-star limousine service. In the user agreement, Uber encourages drivers to provide free water, snacks, and gum in order to get a 5-star rating. In lieu of 180 days of change...