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drive thru

  1. Lurking

    Best McDonald's Procedure

    McDonald's is one of UberEats biggest clients. You an tell it's McDonald's after accepting the request by tapping the bottom of your screen. McDonald's pickups tend to be shorter trips and lower tips than other restaurants. :( If the restaurant is open then it is usually better to go in, find...
  2. Mista T

    7 minute thing

    A good friend of mine, who is a driver, shared with me something that I now do a lot, and thought I would pass it along. When a pax says "I want to go here for a few minutes, will you wait for me?" Or a drive thru request. My immediate response is, "Sure, just keep in mind the 7 minute thing."...
  3. Queenofthepak

    No Drive Thru!

    Am I the only one who does not do drive thru under any circumstance, or are PAX lying when they keep insisting their last driver didn't mind waiting 20 minutes for Carl's Jr.? I don't care how hungry they are, how long it's been since they have eaten. The fact that McDonalds is the only thing...
  4. RUSSREED2.0


    Welp, the dreaded question came up: PAX: Can you take me into the drive-thru. ME: Sorry, I can't and because a PAX before you all, ruined my car. So, I'm sorry that I can't fulfill that request. Has nothing to do with you. I do apologize. PAX: Well, obviously, I'm not going to ruin your...
  5. UberDudeDFW

    Do you take pax through the drive thru?

    I don't allow food or drinks in my car period but I hear all the time how some other Uber driver took them through the drive through. I am curious why anyone would do this? You are not making any money waiting in a drive thru, they are not going to tip you and your car is going to stink the...
  6. MikesUber

    Pax Told Me to **** Off

    Happy Thursday Uber fam So here we are with yet again another fun story about my encounters with the other side. (TL;DR at bottom as always) So I'm just coming back from a 30 min 6 mile run because this low-rated pax wanted to stop at Taco Bell. Yeah I know I know, it was a slow night. Didn't...
  7. JCHeights

    Drive through with pax

    For some reason last night hunger was hitting the drinking crowd and on three separate trips pax asked me to hit a drive through (Jack in Box x2 and Taco Cabana). No problem with it but at least two of the dudes saved the food but then one group of truly awful ladies chowed down in the car. Do...
  8. Lord Summerisle

    Uber: stupid or evil?

    Yesterday I was basically one rider’s personal b*tch for an hour and a half. I had the privilege of visiting Autozone three times, the laundromat, McDonalds’ drive-thru, KFC, Yoshinoya (yes, this guy was fat) and returning to his house at least twice. All this was within a one mile radius of...
  9. UberMeansSuper

    Drunk Suburb Girls

    It was 2:00 AM, just dropped off a really tipsy guy in a suburb of Fort Worth. I am contending logging off, since I do live in Dallas over 40 miles away and at this rate, I could end up anywhere. I pump gas ($2.09/gal! I can't pass this up!) and forgot to log out so I get a ping back to the bar...