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drive for lyft

  1. SisterSoldier

    Snow Storm: Atlanta 2018

    So with the winter storm, power outages in many cities across Georgia, boredom strikes and people therefore insist on requesting rides because they probably don’t want to drive themselves, are stuck wherever they are, or simply still want to “go out” despite the warnings to stay off the roads. I...
  2. Alkimist

    Hertz Express drive return policy..

    lyft ambassador txted me that they available cars in their location, knowing that its hard to reserve one i drove myself to rent a car at around 10:am and once everything was done and i was good to go, I have an emergency call from home so i drove my car back and left the rental car at their...
  3. FAC

    Urgent advice needed: How rides are assigned?

    My mother is getting older and her health isn't the best. So I'm the one who drives her to/from doctors appt. I set her up with uber and lyft on days I can't drive her. Her free Lyft rides were expiring and I'm a brand new Lyft driver trying to get my 50 rides in so I can get my bonus. It's...
  4. LaUbah

    Organize against this Orwellian, deceitful, lying company!!!

    Third year in a row they do the same thing. They lie in your face about "temporary cuts", they sugarcoat it with the hourly "guarantees" and then they finish you by taking the guarantees away making the cuts permanent!!! And the ONLY REASON THEY DO IT, is not over any "winter slump", but to KILL...