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  1. ZenUber

    New lesson learned.

    I had a pax approach the car with an open cup. So I lock the doors, put the window halfway down, and told her I couldn’t allow the open cup. She actually reached through the open window to unlock the door! I never considered that, and no one else ever tried it. It was pretty brazen of her, but...
  2. Ping.Me.More


    Dear Paxholes: My car is not an eating place ... Please!!! No food, no drinks, no smoking, no hairspray. Cleaning up spills and working to get rid of food, smoke, odors, and dirty windows, costs me time and lost income. Please eat, drink, and apply your makeup somewhere else...
  3. SoCalGabbieCash

    Well what do ya know!?!

    RESTRICTIONS ON PERSONS IN VEHICLES NRS 484B.130 or 484B.135. 1. It is unlawful for a person to drink an alcoholic beverage while the person is driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a highway. 2. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, it is unlawful for...
  4. MadTownUberD

    Poll: Do you fast while driving?

    Sup, y'all! Madtown, back again!!! I had a great day driving in Cream City (Milwaukee) yesterday and I am again pondering the topic of eating and drinking during a Rideshare "shift". I find that I get annoyed if I have to stop to go to the bathroom because I might miss something. Could be...
  5. androgynous503


    Getting delivery/eats requests but never signed up. I don't carry a "bag" or have a cooler. I'm not going to buy any either. I never accept the requests. I hear from other drivers it's complete bull . Orders are never ready. Climbing flights of stairs to deliver them get stiffed. No way ...
  6. SurgeMasterMN

    Whole Coffee Dumped on Back Seat and Floor

    Had a ride to the airport. Get no more than 1 block and a rider dumps his whole coffee in the back on the floor and seat. I mopped up what I could right when it happened then took detailed photos and video and sent to Uber after they exited. I didn't think it was a big deal cause it was still...
  7. PartnerPeople

    Pit Stop coming to Sydney, share your ideas and win fuel Cards!

    Hello everyone, My name is Mark Atkins, I am the Marketing Manager for PartnerPeople We are planning to open a pit stop, which will be a free service for Uber, GoCatch, HC and other ride-share/taxi/limo drivers... it will also be open to the general public. The pit stop we are planning is to...
  8. Believe33

    Like it or not ! My car my rules.

    Hey guys for those of you who are just trolling through reading some of the forms I just wanted to add this" like it or not" my car my rules. First I got hired on Uber and Lyft I arrived with two cars one brand-new Toyota Prius and a used Toyota Prius that I earned on my own before I began...