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  1. UberGeo

    Is a 2017 tax download available in spreadsheet format

    Has anyone figured out how to get full report on Excel spreadsheet format? Will/can a hub provide an export? I am currently going through each week, then each day, then each ride. Why... I drive in a different city from when I live. Sometimes, I have a fare over that pay the tolls. Sometimes...
  2. Tars Tarkas

    How can I download historical earnings details from the partner site?

    How can I download historical trip information -- date, time, duration, UberX/UberPool, etc.? I'm sure I could do it a couple months ago, but now I can't. It was in a spreadsheet format, CSV, Exel, something like that. Come to think of it, I used to received weekly reports in these formats by...
  3. HiDuuken

    Dedicated Lyft App

    Just heard on YouTube that Lyft now has a dedicated driver app. No more toggling between driver and rider on the same app platform. Its no required yet but eventually you will have to download the dedicated driver app in order to go online.
  4. 2016JettaTSi

    Export driver data from app to spreadsheets

    UberPeople... I'm having zero luck finding a program or app that easily accesses my app data (including individual trip data, miles, rates... etc) that I can use to determine the "real income". Any suggestions? I am now manually transferring all my data to anot excel spreadsheet. Thanks!
  5. S

    can't get txt msg

    I managed to get a driver account on uber site, can login fine, but when I enter my tel nr to get the TXT msg about the driver app, nothing happens using Chrome. resend, nothing, no web page error msg. So I installed firefox, exactly the same problem. I sent a msg to support@ but got no...