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  1. TrexG

    How many gonna drop out

    If uber cars and others are to change number plates to the rumoured CV plates, and the possibility of commercial insurance (?), amongst other changes, how many of my fellow uber drivers will be dropping out?
  2. UberDriverAU

    Changes to SCV Licence Policy

    FYI guys, I just noticed there has been a change to the SCV Licence Policy on the DoT website. The most important change: you can now register any vehicle capable of carrying 11 or fewer passengers that is less than 8 years of age. It's also important to note, the requirement for a minimum...

    Anyone know what the RED circle in upper corner means?

    All of the sudden a red dot has shown up in the upper left corner where the menu button is. Anyone else have this and what does it mean? All paperwork is okay on auto and didn't get any email or text from Uber that anything is wrong. Any idea?