1. RUSSREED2.0


    So, this prick, pulls next to me, while im sitting here, opens his door and hits my car. He thinks I'm not in the car, I roll down my window and glare at him, he looks up and swallows deeply. I continue to stare at him and he nervously puts coins in the meter and I shake my head and he runs...
  2. Stray cat

    Pax not exiting via curbside back door

    I've had a couple people risk their own safety and one of my rear doors getting smashed by opening the non-curbside back door and exiting right against passing traffic! Sometimes it happens when they're in a group of friends in my backseat. They all just get out ASAP via the nearest door as...
  3. I


    I am so sick of people who think the doors of my car weigh 22,000 lbs and need every bit of force they can muster to close them. From now on a door slam gets a 1 rating