1. A

    Are there any rideshare or delivery driver fleet owners in Denver?

    I just moved here and was wondering if there are any rideshare or delivery fleet owners located in Denver that I can work for?
  2. Kevin7889

    Benefits for Gig workers? Is it a scam? What do you guys think? The site looks Clean and legit to me but I'm hesitant..
  3. LAboy

    DOORDASH deactived me during this COVID19

    they have no heart. imagine if someond relies on this to make money during these times. the reason for them to deactivate me is because i didnt work a lot didnt complete many deliveries. or they says my customer rating are low. i wasnt feelin well to go work. and its risky and once i decided...
  4. Mista T

    Delivery vs Passengers

    Been thinking about doing delivery instead of X driving? Try and picture this: No more unaccompanied minors. No more car seats. No more false accusations. No more drunks. No more aux cord requests. No more Taco Bell requests. No more service animals. Just food, or packages. Sounds amazing...
  5. Christopher Jones

    DoorDash revolt

    It seems like DoorDash has completely forgotten about their drivers. I had a order where I got paid $28. The restaurant delay was 30 minutes, so I tried calling in to get paid for the delay (30 minutes would’ve been $14, 50% of the fare). They are not taking calls from Dashers. Then I tried...
  6. LAboy

    Osteria La Buca. This RESTAURANT hates US

    HELLO anyone had problems picking up food at this restaurant? i went there 2 times, and they refused to give me the food because i used the restroom, they keep saying its for customers only. while we are making them money delivering their food, especially during this Virus . there is a guy...
  7. LAboy

    No tips. No FOOD

    you some young folks especially girls dont tip at all during these times. i understand if its an elderly person. but. i have been doing doordash no tips . grubhub is alright. my question do you guys deliver to non tippers ?
  8. Initial D

    Have anyone ever received a DoorDash request to deliver alcohol?

    I've received a request for a trip to BevMo! and required myself and the customer to be 21 or over. I'm above 21, but what if the customer hesitates to show identification or if I checked the customer's I.D and the person is below 21, do I keep the alcohol or drive back to the store to return...
  9. Charbenji


    DoorDash/Grubhub driver here. The other night on a DD pickup I noticed the restaurant was advertising FoodJets as a delivery option for customers. I decided to look them up and was surprised to see that they delivered for most of the restaurants in my home town, after some research I found that...
  10. Initial D

    Rant: DD customer wanted freebies (I had evidence), but lowered my rating because customer didn't answer door and I followed all delivery instructions

    The instructions for upon arrival were: "Do not ring or knock the doorbell (I have a large dog). Do not leave food at door" Text (### ###-####) when you are here." (I texted through the DD app) So I assumed that the customer will meet me at the door after I text and call, but no one answered...
  11. Mr. Knowitall

    Doordash in new jersey

    Hello everyone hows everyonr doing? I was thinking about signing up for doordasb during these last few days. For those who are already in doordash in the northern new jersey area or metropolitan area, how much can you make with doordash in a week before and after expenses? How can it compare...
  12. D

    Uber vs DoorDash Which Pays Better, etc. ?

    Hi all, I'm an Uber Eats driver but I have heard that Door Dash gives them a lot of competition. I'm interested in hearing the opinions and experiences of people who deliver for both companies. I'd like to know a few things about them such as: rate of base pay ranking system for delivery...
  13. LAboy

    why doodrash only pays me 5$

    i get only 5$ for each trip, i have been doing doordash for few days now, and every damn delivery is 5.60$ what the hell, where the tips at, i am begining to believe yes they steal tips
  14. Rakos

    Doordash delivery driver slurps it! don't lie..8>).
  15. LAboy

    can u become rich doing UBER ?

    HAHHA it sounds stupid but how much do you all make out there? me am just doing Ubereats and grubhub on my motorcycle the most i made is 1200 a month i see a lot of people doing Uber i wonder how much do you all make a month?ube
  16. LAboy

    UberEats is Dying. hahaha

    i stopped doing UE for a while now, i have been doing grubhub only. and uber wont stop emailling me about all kind of crappy promos. i cant do it anymore its just not paying good, 3$ for a trip are you serious haha doordash and grubhub are takin over the game. i love Uber and their fast...
  17. LAboy

    so Girls don't deliver food ?

    all the time i have been doing ubereats... i never seen a girl who does food delivery, maybe its just here in LA. or maybe girls are too lazy to move around like us guys. must of the cute,hot girls in LA are gold diggers aka models so maybe it makes sense haha the thing is that many girls ask...
  18. LAboy


    HELLO whats up guys who the hell picks up food from malls or food courts like the one in century city the wesfield mall. i did it few times i regretted it, with ubereats not even a tip, with doordash i got 7$ not worth it even on a motorcycle. you gotta park go find the elevator, then look for...
  19. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said to plot China comeback with ‘shared kitchen’ business

    The Uber co-founder is partnering with Zhang Yanqi, former COO at bicycle-sharing firm Ofo, sources say The two have worked on the project for a couple of months, the people say 30 Jan 2019 Former Uber Technologies chief executive Travis Kalanick may be considering plans to bring shared...

    Doordash Scheduling

    Does anyone have any tips for scheduling Dashes? Here in Nassau, it seems all the slots are already taken by the time I get to the app. What time do they open the scheduling for the next day? Are there any tricks for Dash Now when the app shows your region as full. I dashed yesterday for the...