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door dash

  1. Kevnation

    Door Dasher log in error?!?

    As title states.. anyone having a door dash sign in problem?? Mine keeps flashing "signing in"... But nothing is happening. Over WiFi. Over cellular. Nothing...
  2. Teksaz

    Door Dash is playing to win

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=undefined&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwiwiKK-64bgAhWINd8KHRXCCg0QzPwBCAM&url=https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/23/doordash-poaches-uber-eats-engineering-boss/&psig=AOvVaw1xAtp6l6pzVWMUZwfU-07t&ust=1548433783804473 Any of you Uber Eats drivers want a Door Dash invite, hit...
  3. Teksaz

    Door Dash is playing to win

  4. Kevnation

    Door dash customer receipts

    Can door dash customers see what was purchased when it's Order & Pay? Or do they ONLY see that when/if you've left the receipt in their bag?? I'm curious because i'm starving and just want a McChicken or Small fries lmao .
  5. E

    GM partners w/DoorDash to test autonomous food delivery in SF

    The pilot will commence in early 2019 in San Francisco According to DoorDash: As part of the program, select DoorDash customers will receive deliveries from their favorite restaurants via a Cruise autonomous vehicle. In addition to ready-made restaurant meals, the partnership will also explore...
  6. Teksaz

    Anyone familiar with Door Dash Drive?

    Trying to figure out what the requirements and qualifications are. I can't find to much about it but it's something I want to consider.
  7. BurgerTiime

    Don’t waste your time on UberEats

    Full story: https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/09/28/how-much-money-can-delivering-food-grubhub-and-doordash-make/1436841002/ Gig economy: Here's how much you can make delivering for Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash According to 73 salaries on Glassdoor, Grubhub drivers...
  8. Serrowxd

    Questions about UberEats / Door Dash

    Hey everyone! I've been browsing these forums for awhile, figured I might as well jump in on it and give my two cents. I'm a full-time student, and with my school hours the only real job I can do is this kind of stuff - which is fine, it pays the bills. I've just been having loads of issues...
  9. Certain Judgment

    Fare Increase

    Another poster commented on this in the Indianapolis market. Here is a screenshot of my UberEats fare increase in Milwaukee: I have had a UberEats in the off position for weeks now on my toggle switch. My main reason for turning it off completely was the fact that about 3 months ago, I started...
  10. LoveTheBlues

    New to doordash

    My girlfriend just started doordash and has a few questions we're hoping someone on here might have answers for. I do Uber and Lyft but not doordash. 1. Do they provide any detail on earnings? We found what she made on each delivery but not miles, time, bonus or tip? Can you even get tipped on...
  11. Prius13

    "we don't hire drivers who worked for someone else"

    Was applying for part time driver for a pizzeria and this was what the owner told me. I told him I have delivered for DD, Eats and GH to show my delivery experience and customer service experience. I also said my app won't be open when working for the pizzeria. Not sure behind his logic but hey...
  12. Prius13

    So slow tonight at Western Chicago burbs

    Now on DD... Just had three orders for GH tonight in West burbs..
  13. D

    Is door dash new system glitching?

    Is the new door dash system glitching or are they as bad as Uber with the ratings? I had a 4.86 at the start of the night and dropped to 4.56 in 3.5 hours. I have over 100 deliveries in total. Is this punishment for asking to leave a restaurant that was taking 40 min. on a $12 order?
  14. MrGold

    Delivering for Door Dash & Favor at the Same Time

    Has anyone ever delivered for door dash and favor simultaneously? Or, if not those companies, at least two mobile apps for food delivery? If you did, what was your worst experience with your deliveries? I work for Door Dash 36 hours per week and it's still not quite enough financially. I've...
  15. ITminion

    Doordash in Sacramento

    Worth doing, or nah?
  16. Showa50

    Hung out with a New York Times photographer...

    .. And spoke with a reporter about delivery, mainly Door Dash. Here's the piece. http://nyti.ms/1RsUiCK
  17. Showa50

    Cancelling Dash shifts, Los Angeles, Door Dash, Oct 2015

    October 2015 Los Angeles CA