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don't drive

  1. Jake2016

    Is it How Uber Scams Drivers and Riders?

    Going through a 2x+ surge, which is dwindling, and receive a 1.7x request. Here is what Uber ($16.91) and I ($12.91) receive: If you notice Uber keeping 57% of the fare (excluding their booking fee of $2.60), while this is Uber X and they are supposed to take only a 25% commission. Writing...
  2. O

    2 hour trip in traffic only $33.73

    2 hours 31 miles net 31.73 Not worth it - $6 gas trip plus have to get back net after gas 25 12.50 hour not counting coming back home 30 minutes looks like trip is less then minimum wage if you deducted all cost Not driving let someone use my car to collect bonus. 2.5 hours if you count return...