1. Ridesharezero

    Beware These Types Of Scams [PHISHING]

    Some people who have no better lives than @RideshareDog are trying to scam uber drivers to get their personal information. This ad I saw on Facebook targeted towards uber drivers. Make sure you don't provide any information to such scam. Cheer up @RideshareDog you are safe 👍.
  2. G

    Head’s Up!! This is Uber’s actual DOCUMENTED INTERNAL procedure for resolving Service Animal complaints

    Soooooo much stupid advice about “how to avoid service animals” keeps getting posted up here that I finally felt compelled to get the truth out, so that well-meaning people will not get permanently deactivated for following all this stupid advice. (Kudos goes to @Dropking for dropping the final...
  3. RightTurnOnRed

    ? Uber Pet launches in Tampa Bay ?

    On Wednesday, Uber Pet launched in Tampa Bay and a handful of other markets. The new option comes up within the regular Uber app. If a Tampa Bay passengers selects the “Uber Pet” option, they will be charged a $4 fee to bring their furry friend along. ...
  4. L

    Lyft Driver Attacked by Passenger's Dog

    Last week I pulled up to a curb in San Francisco to pick up a passenger like any other in the 6,000 Lyft rides I've done over the last three years. I verified the passengers name before unlocking the door, and suddenly a large dog (unseen previously) on leash preceded the passenger into the...
  5. Lissetti

    Christmas 'grinch' posing as Uber driver takes couple's dogs

    A grinch posing as an Uber driver tried to steal a couple's Christmas when he took off with their luggage including two dogs. But someone with a heart helped bring the holiday back. The King County couple was headed to California for the Christmas holiday, but they wouldn't go without their...
  6. Zdriver19

    Passenger sneaked a pet dog

    Picked up two middle aged passengers from the airport yesterday. The woman comes in first with two suitcases the the husband trailing behind with his. I did not pay attention to the man but he must have had the dog under his shirt. I focus on driving and did not see the dog till I reach...
  7. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Woman kicked off flight after emotional support PIG became rowdy..

    Do we have to except emotional support pigs in our car now??
  8. tomatopaste

    Dog's like: what do you want me to do, perform CPR?

    Dog's like: what do you want me to do, perform CPR? Later, I'm gonna find some tail.
  9. Bigdog702

    Service animal agreement!

    Just logged in to go online, and had to fill out and answer all sorts of questions, and agree in 3 different places that I would not refuse to transport pax with " service animals" if you refuse to transport a pax with a service animal, you will be immediately removed from the Uber driver...
  10. Rakos

    Service dog notice

    So did all you bad boys and girls get that service dog notice...? Must be Uber covering their collective butts... I dont know about the rest of you monkeys out there butt I am dog friendly... as is my little monkey butt Fold down the back seats amd spread the furniture pad.... Instant dog...
  11. Driving and Driven

    Hound Hauling

    I got my first pooch ping last night. I fuel up, rinse off the car, tidy up inside and spritz everything with Febreez. I prepare for an evening of fun and slightly inebriated clientele. Much to my surprise and delight, my first ping is from the neighborhood dog trainer. I receive a call...
  12. MikesUber

    Stressed at work? Order out for 'Uber Puppies'

    Adoptable dogs from Western Pennsylvania Humane Society can be delivered via Uber Published 8:01 AM EDT May 19, 2016 PITTSBURGH —If your day gets a little stressful at work, Uber is here to...
  13. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Is UberPuppies cruel?

    Seems to me that they have silenced the Humane Society and even turned them into Uber advocates. I think it just promotes treating animals like objects under the guise of 'promoting adoption'. All it promotes is Uber. How low can they go?
  14. S

    Poor Edward & his 2013 E Class

  15. E

    Surge is DEAD RIP....

    Ok guys here are some more photos and literally the surge is DEAD!!! It became like a find the difference in two photo game. Lets play a game. Please look at the photos and identify the surge area by the street name.
  16. W

    Questions starting

    Hello I am all set up but have a few questions. 1) What happens once you accept a request from a passenger? Esp as a female I'm wondering if I do not get the Uber phone will they be given my personal cell phone number? Do most people use the Uber phone? Advantages and disadvantages? Any...