1. Yaro

    Can't go online - account is all 'OK', but the app doesn't let me in. Is Uber reading these posts?

    My documents are all fine throughout, for the vehicle and the driver. But the app says: 'Unable to go online' and ' Getting Account Ready'. I've called three times to Uber help, but they don't know anything, only one guy told me there, that they can't do anything online and I had to go to the...
  2. Brlk925

    State Inspection Documents

    Can someone please tell me what document you provided Uber with that satisfied their requirements for State inspection. is it the emissions paperwork? My emissions aren't due until November and this will be the first time getting emissions done because it is a 2014, but Uber is saying that the...
  3. journdriver

    Why can't I go online?

    I updated my insurance two days ago, it no longer says that it is pending review. I don't have any other documents up for review, but I can't get online. Is it just the system not catching up to my latest document?
  4. BurgerTiime

    Documents presented to jury over Waymo lawsuit (juicy stuff) Text:
  5. BurgerTiime

    A judge has ordered the release of drunk driver complaints. SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — A San Francisco judge has ruled Uber must turn over data on how many times customers have complained about an impaired driver. The ride-sharing company didn’t...
  6. veep_cream

    UberEats (Bicycle Documents)

    What is a physical fitness consent form ? Is it same Medical certificate? Should I upload it? I would like to see example, please show it me!! Thank you
  7. Sherry_18

    Help Please:

    I'm a fairly new driver, but find it amazingly hard to get in touch with head office unless you go in in person and that's not an option for me unfortunately. Sorry if I'm being stupid, but is there an email address I can contact Port Melbourne with? I need to upload some documents and the app...
  8. Le6end

    Documents disappeared !

    hi guys , anyone knows where the documents section went ? I was going to update my driving history . Emailed Ubet 3 weeks ago haven't heard back . Thanhs
  9. Booyeahben

    Signing up and need help

    Hi everyone, I'm currently signing up as an UberEats driver as my car isn't new enough to do normal Uber driving. I've been into their office and picked up my bag for delivery and all my documents have been submitted and approved except one. What is the 'Consent Form' and where do I find it...
  10. Mitcherator

    Safety Inspection form issues and support problems

    So I've tried to upload the Safety Inspection form that was requested of me on the Uber driver App. It was denied, not once but several times. I reached out to support and they gave me a copy paste answer 3 separate occasions it was the wrong document type. I live in the state of Utah where...
  11. Slat90


    I did my regular inspection at a Mobil station and come to check now the guy gave me a year inspection,! What should I do? Cause I know it's supposed to be every 3 months
  12. B

    Portland Business License, etc...

    I tried to log into the app yesterday for the first time in about a week. I had to resubmit my insurance and registration info but that's normal. I was then told i cant drive here and if i wanted to drive in a "new city" i have some hoops to jump through. I live in portland and have been driving...
  13. Muziklyfe3

    My registration is taking forever!

    Had to renew my registration. Did it online and still waiting for the registration card/sticker to be mailed.. It says on dmv website it's supposed to get here in 5 business days. Well, it's been well over 5 biz days, I'm going on 2 weeks now! I'm deactivated from logging onto the app until I...
  14. kraftlos

    Expired license

    So I was out of town and forgot to renew my license. I came back and found myself locked out of Lyft and Uber. No problem, I renewed my license and sent in my temporary license. Both rejected my license. I had to email Uber several times before getting them to accept my license. Lyft is still...
  15. mattydtrick

    New driver: need help with documents

    Hey everyone, I have recently registered to be a driver. After going through the process of signing up and being activated, I tried to go on my first trip. When I hit the "go online," button, it pulled up my documents and said that they are "invalid or expired." I'm assuming that it is my...
  16. shockmaster

    LAX permit upload issue

    I recently received my LAX permit in the mail. Cant find out where to upload my photo to get approved for pick ups. I emailed support and they sent me a link that was on the partners site that ended in a /uploads but that takes me to an error page. I would post the actual link but the forum...
  17. 450XD

    Uber's driver partner profile page!

    Do they actually look at this page as all my doc's uploaded are still shown as pending or do I have to wait for the actual onboarding interview to have them approved/ticked whatever?
  18. 450XD

    Frustrated beyond belief.

    Hi All, I wonder if you can all reassure me or tell me this is a new issue. I am applying to join Uber but every time I try and download my docs, licence details and DBS check details it fails to load. I have been in contact with Uber but they just don't seem to get the point that I am unable...
  19. Tenzo

    Don't drive without all your documents!

    I got picked up by uber today and the police on bikes swung by. The guy had no dress, no medallion, no inspection. He was about to get a $1,500 ticket. So even if there is a surge, dont go out without your documentation. More and more cities are having stings to catch drivers. And for gawds...
  20. D

    major security breach on Uber web portal

    I just logged into the the Uber partner web portal ( to update one of my documents and I was utterly appalled by what I found. Instead of my own documents I found literally dozens and dozens of other people's documents--presumably documents of other Uber drivers. These...