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  1. Mitcherator

    Safety Inspection form issues and support problems

    So I've tried to upload the Safety Inspection form that was requested of me on the Uber driver App. It was denied, not once but several times. I reached out to support and they gave me a copy paste answer 3 separate occasions it was the wrong document type. I live in the state of Utah where...
  2. Maven

    Your Driver's License may have been Suspended

    Everyone should check the status of both their license and their registration yearly. Just for fun (obscure reasons), DMV may choose to suspend either one without notification. You are still responsible if caught driving with a suspended license, even if unknowingly. If Uber discovers this then...
  3. Slat90


    I did my regular inspection at a Mobil station and come to check now the guy gave me a year inspection,! What should I do? Cause I know it's supposed to be every 3 months
  4. Ishe

    What do you do for tips?

    Should we always expect to get tips? Should all pax tip? Do you rate a passenger low when you don't receive a tip? If I open the door for pax or help them with their bags, I would expect a tip, but wouldn't rate them low if I don't get a tip. If I'm just driving and not speaking to the pax, I...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber dismissed warnings about its illegal self-driving test for months, emails show

    http://www.theverge.com/2017/2/27/14698902/uber-self-driving-san-francisco-dmv-email-levandowski DMV urged Uber to get into compliance four months before it launched its short-lived self-driving experiment in San Francisco by Andrew J. Hawkins@andyjayhawk Last December, Uber’s self-driving cars...
  6. NoNameNoGame

    Is the "Good & Plenty" Plate the Next Virginia Requirement?

    Any time the General Assembly is in session, citizens beware!
  7. dakotahblu

    Is there a GroupMe group for Greater MD drivers?

    Hi all, I drive Uber and Lyft DC metro, Baltimore, wherever, I'm in Frederick. Just wondering if there is a GroupMe group for Greater MD or DMV drivers for Uber? DC Lyft Road Warriors on groupme has been a great help, but, you can't really mention Uber, everyone there really drank the pink...
  8. Kawiz03

    Fridays are now a bust

    Gone are the days a friday would earn a decent amount now its like you can barely cross 100 alone 50 starting in the burbs and hoping someone goes to dc and the filter is hit or miss so seems likes its time to throw in the towel
  9. NoNameNoGame

    Any Rental Cars Drivers in Richmond?

    Looks like rental cars may be used by "TNC Partners" for Ubering or Lyfting in Virginia. Registering a Rental Vehicle in Virginia for TNC Use https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/commercial/#tnc/rental.asp Has anyone done this? Questioning the economics....
  10. Believe33

    Self-Service Machine for registration

    https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/fo/fo_sst/ Today I went to the DMV in West Hollywood on Formosa. There they have the self-service machine car registration it was quick it only took maybe like five minutes the line was really really short and quick. It spits out the car registration...
  11. T

    DMV Background Check

    I just got an email from checkr regarding my background check. Everything was clear apart from Motor Vehicle check which reads "suspended". What could this possibly mean? My DL is active and I've only had one ticket in the last three years. I have tried contacting Checkr and Uber but no one has...