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    How can yoy see when a request is in a surge?

    Ok, so adter getting burned by Uber- I was in a surge area at the Verizon Center after a game, and someone at the end of the block at 6th and G requwsted me, I didn't get the udrge. They saod it was because 6th and G wasn't the surge- it was 7th and G. *rolleyes* Someone said there's a surge...
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    My first thread- frustration over new rates, treatment, etc.

    Hello all, First, please don't ding me because I'm a new driver! I got into this because I'd been riding my bicycle for years around the city, and then renting a car over the winter months. After a few years of that, I sat down and added up how much I paid for renting and realized I'd paid for...