1. UberPotomac

    So excited about UBER CHANGES!!!!

    I cannot sleep just thinking how much more money will be making and better working conditions.!!!!!!LOL
  2. Rakos

    Eye rolling and staring not allowed!

    Just got this from Uber...8>O I'm over 3000 trips with 1500 5 stars... Never purposely disrespected any pax...at any time...8>O This money for complaints paradym... Has got to change... Even a monkey... can only take so much of this crap...8>( Rakos PS. STARING...are they kidding...I...
  3. BuzzNJ

    Kicked out my first passenger

    Picked up in Montclair this morning going to East Orange. Female passenger gets in the car, slams the door and has ear buds in. Not even a minute after I start the trip, she starts smoking. I tell her no smoking but she doesn't hear me. I pull the car to the side of the road and turn around. She...
  4. FAC

    Can you end a ride early and throw a Pax out?

    I typically stop driving around 10pm to avoid the drunks. Friday I did my first 10-2am drive. Nearly everyone drunk but happy go lucky drunks. Then I had a group of 4 men visiting from Chicago. Midway through the ride the three in the backseat started offering to perform very explicit sexual...