1. PimpMyRideShare

    Fighting Camera Tickets

    When I lived in Florida there was an online service called "The Ticket Clinic" were you submit a traffic ticket and they'll forward it to a lawyer to dispute it. Every camera ticket I received they easily threw out because according to them, camera citations are illegal and doesn't hold up in...
  2. L


    Well, I be damned. After reading through most of the information online regarding Lyft and Uber's damage/inconvenience fee policy, and how rarely drivers get compensated - I became discouraged. But I decided to give it a shot and boy I'm glad I did. Here's how I went from being offered the bare...
  3. G

    Fraud Adjustment from Pricks

    I had a trip this morning around 3 or so, picked up 4 ppl from terminal tower and took them all to Avon Lake, 6X surge which they complained about the entire time and threatened to complain to Uber and deactivate their accounts. I apologized, but explained how the surge works. After the first...
  4. Nenee

    Does it bother anyone that Uber doesn't exactly explain how fees r calculated?

    I looked everywhere to see if they had an explanation of how rider n driver fees r calculated. I came accross some information but its not straightforward. I had to reach out n ask uber support for clarification. Ever since a recent post regarding fare reviews I've been keeping an eye on my...
  5. JaneBond462

    Is there a way to see a breakdown of your ratings?

    When I opened my pay summary email this morning, I saw that I have a 4.6 rating. Yet on the Partner app, it shows my rating as 5.0. I have 26 lifetime trips, 21 rated trips and 19 of those are 5 star. Last week, I had 7 rides. I can't find a way to see what ratings for individual rides are...