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discounted fares

  1. DallasLimoDriver2017

    $10 off for SuperBowl?

    This may be a stupid question so pls be nice, but will that come out of my pocket in any way?
  2. #1 UBER Slave

    UBER BLACK for 50%!!

    Anyone gotten this message?? Kinda a nice treat. UBER pays 50% of the ride, up to $20. Yeh, I'll treat myself in a BLACK car.
  3. Cajundragon

    Do drivers get a discounts when they ride as PAX?!

    Curious! With Lyft or Uber, do you get a discount when a driver needs to take a ride as a passenger ? I'm going to have to actually be a PAX for the first time next weekend and was curious. If so, is there a code? How do you set this up? Geoff
  4. B

    20% discount

    worked my first shift at the 20% riders discount inbrisbane australia 1 flogged my car for less return 2 asked riders what they thought re discount answers were. Uber cheep enough as is was going to use them anyway 3 perhaps uber should wear this discount themselves not the drivers 4 if discount...