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  1. tbrook01

    DIA Queue Question

    I've never bothered sitting in the queue to wait for rides before, but I'm curious if its worth spending a Friday or Saturday night just doing rides than going to wait again. What's the wait like in reference to how many cars are ahead of you? Is it like an hour per 25 cars ahead? Thanks.
  2. Tim Goyette

    DIA Holding lot

    Hello! The other night I went to the DIA holding lot, East side by commercial lot, and it looked like it was closed. There was nobody there and there was a fenced off area that contained construction vehicles. Am I loosing my mind (certainly a possibility), is it closed or is it at a...
  3. J

    Rematch at DIA

    So this morning around 8 am I dropped a passenger off at DHL on 75th on lyft. As I pull out of the parking lot there i get a ping to pick up at airport door 613. Was this just some glitch or is there testing for a rematch.
  4. D

    What's the current size of the FIFO queue?

  5. Rahlo

    Uber App Will Intentionally Kick You Out Of The Airport Queue. Who do they think they're tricking?

    I don't bother working the City because of bargin basement fare rates. Instead, I work the Airport. Perhaps a little too well, lol. When I starting making an entire day's haul on 5-6 DIA runs a day, I suddenly started having major problems with the app at DIA. Getting kicked outta the queue or...
  6. Rahlo

    A Good Spot To Get Rides From Inside The DIA Terminal?

    I had to reject 4 rides at the Final Approach parking lot so I know someone is doing it. Uber keeps kicking me out of the DIA queue
  7. Rahlo

    Uber navigation REALLY wants me to use E470. I really want to throw my phone outta the car!

    Seriously, WTF?!?! It won't let me use any other road if I get close to the Toll road. It'll insist I make a U turn for miles before giving up. I have to map it out on the fly driving across the Denver frontier.
  8. Rahlo

    $25 Surcharge just to use E-470* Don't get duped like me.

    The fine print of your RENTAL CAR agreement says you'll be charged $25 per contract to use: America's most expensive road. *That's $25 not including mileage* That's: 7 Miles = $42 to E-470. Don't be like me. Now I avoid E-470.
  9. D

    Should Access To DIA Be Based On Merit?

    I don't need to tell you guys that the DIA lot is insane and getting worse. Today I dropped someone off at the airport and then checked the lot. Lyft showed 175 people in the queue. What is it going to be like for Thanksgiving? Clearly, the herd needs to be thinned, but how? Should only...
  10. S

    Weekday Early Morning Airport Runs

    I've been Ubering for 2 years. I typically just drive Saturday nights downtown. Lately I have been kicking around the idea of driving early mornings to get an airport run before I have to go to me regular job. Is there a good strategy, or area that I should look for rides. I live in...
  11. KevRyde

    The Death Train!

    I thought I'd start a new thread to share stories and discuss strategies about pickups and dropoffs at Union Station and how to compete against... Have you seen it? To me it looks like something right out of a Stephen King novel. So yeah it takes 37 minutes from Union Station to DIA if it...
  12. SeeTeeDee

    DIA Auto Text from Uber Re: Staging Area

    UBER: HEAD TO THE DEN STAGING AREA TO QUICKLY RECEIVE AN AIRPORT REQUEST. Wait times are short with only 7 cars waiting; sent at (Fri Jun 17 2016 06:05:00 GMT-0600). I received this text message upon arriving at DIA at six this morning. Does this mean that DIA officially has a queue system...
  13. R

    How easy is it to get a ride to DIA in early morning from Denver Highlands?

    Hello! I have an early morning flight tomorrow and think I'll need an uber pick up at about 5:30 a.m. How difficult is it to snag a ride and how far in advance should I book it? Also any idea as to the price range for this service from the Highlands neighborhood? Thanks very much for your expertise!
  14. WonderWagon

    Blue areas on the DIA staging map

    Pop Quiz: Are the blue areas based on time in queue? Are you getting pings in locations other than the blue areas? Are those proximity based or time in line based? I've seen old posts from October, but nothing recently...
  15. D

    More than $3K net per month in Denver?

    Hello everyone, I've read a lot of the threads here and I'm curious to hear from some of the more successful UberX drivers who have maximized their earnings in Denver. It sounds like one strategy is to work during the day and prioritize DIA and some hotels, while another strategy is to work...
  16. Tim Goyette

    WAZE and DIA

    I have noticed WAZE looses connectivity to its server when I go to DIA. Just about the time I get to the "Demon Horse" the app starts clocking and I get "Oh Snap!" messages. The GPS functionality continues to work but I continue to get the error messages until I leave DIA. It doesn't seem to...