dia queue

  1. Daisey77

    DIA and Expanded Geofence

    Hey guys, as most of you are aware, Uber has relaxed the Geofence at DIA. Personally, I love this little perk. If I get hungry, I can run to get something to eat. If I end up in the queue longer than I expected, I can go grab gas. Hell, the fact we can actually use a real bathroom, is very much...
  2. G

    Is DIA worth it?

    New to Uber. Driving mostly Select with some X from time to time. First time out at DIA tonight. I’ve been here for 2.5 hours and the queue is only down from 62 to 32. And no Select only queue?? Are all rides out of here X, XL, Pool and Black? I could have made 60-70 bucks easily working...
  3. J

    Rematch at DIA

    So this morning around 8 am I dropped a passenger off at DHL on 75th on lyft. As I pull out of the parking lot there i get a ping to pick up at airport door 613. Was this just some glitch or is there testing for a rematch.
  4. Rahlo

    Uber App Will Intentionally Kick You Out Of The Airport Queue. Who do they think they're tricking?

    I don't bother working the City because of bargin basement fare rates. Instead, I work the Airport. Perhaps a little too well, lol. When I starting making an entire day's haul on 5-6 DIA runs a day, I suddenly started having major problems with the app at DIA. Getting kicked outta the queue or...