1. K

    Dallas Downtown Surge

    Hey guys. New driver here. Question. How reliable is the downtown dallas surge area for UE? I had been making good money around Knox Henderson area past few days. BUT tonight I sat on McKinney for 90 minutes with zero pings around 630pm. Prime dinner hours. I prefer to sit still to save...
  2. C

    (DFW-Eats) Comparing Boost/Quest

    So I've been driving for Eats only since about September (2018). Through December, I was getting pretty good Boosts and Quests, but now it's horrible. I've heard that maybe new drivers get better stuff, so I'm curious if January is just a dead time and it will pick back up again, or if I...
  3. dirtylee

    TSA CALLING IN SICK at DFW to drive Uber

    In case you aren't aware, the federal govt is in a partial shutdown & the employees aren't getting paychecks. It's been going on the last 13 days so far. Now, TSA workers @ DFW are calling in sick{up ALMOST 300%} & ANTING to pay their bills.
  4. Stars28

    DFW Protocol

    Yesterday, in the waiting lot on the north side by the humongous American flag, there was a DFW police officer moving people along from parking along the white fence. He was also scanning DFW permits. I know this is a fire lane, but lots of people park here. Can you get a ticket for this...
  5. U

    no surge on uber eats? Is this new?

    Its currently surging in the DFW area, but when I switch to Uber Eats only the surge completely disappears, only to reappear when I reselect Uber X. Is this a new thing? I got an uber eats surge just last week. I also switched it to both, got an eats ping in the middle of the surge area but of...
  6. lovingstorms

    Newbie here...

    Evening! Just signed up and I have no clue what I’m doing. Suggestions? Just looking to work late evenings a few nights a week. Thanks! SJ
  7. Candise


    so I'm new here and noticed it takes on average about 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hrs to get a pickup at the airport for uber x.... Anything passed 2 hrs is automatic $9. I'm from Houston and truly hate dfw bc of the toll surrounding it. I had a few good times where i instantly received pickups after a drop...
  8. M

    Stolen Vehicle: 2017 Black Chevy Tahoe

    2017 Chevy Tahoe LT Midnight Edition (Blacked Out) Plate: AL-JFD559 (silver "Princess" tag frame), NO front tags. No drivers side window. Last Seen Sunday Night in Dallas area. If you see it, please call Dallas Police immediately! Thank you!
  9. mattman1310

    Rookie here so be gentle - first night story...

    Just started Saturday night 1/21, wanted to see if this was a normal or "unique"..... 1st fare - two drunk guys no issue - small tip 2nd fare - drunk woman - get to her house, she can't find keys, I help her look for them in her purse, she has garage door opener, we go through garage and then...
  10. TexasNikki

    Uber driver from dfw Moves to H town

    Hey y'all just moved from dfw uber been a year since I drove too. I'm a little nervous FEEL 100 TIMES THE SIZE AS DDALLAS anyway. I always did weekend bar runs and collage night in fort worth loved it great surge any pointers in Houston Ty
  11. E

    DFW Airport Decal Application

    Hi, I'm needing to get a DFW Decal from the Ground Transportation Office. I'm doing the application and don't know what to put as my Unit#. Any advice from the people that have gone through this?
  12. eeg0031

    Tipping sign

    Good morning all, I drive in Denton on the weekends, and have managed to make some decent tips at times. I do not compel nor mention tipping to my pax, but there have been some generous folks who have enjoyed my personality or conversation, and compensate me for an enjoyable ride. I'm curious to...
  13. Driving and Driven

    Drive Slow in DFW Airport!

    I'm sure this had to have been covered before but I couldn't find a thread for it, so... Anything less than 8 minutes spent on the airport warrants a $4.00 toll. Anything between 8 and 30 minutes results in a $2.00 toll. 30 minutes to two hours is still only a $3.00 toll. What is the...
  14. Bad uber pro

    Thanks lyft for caring so now we can make more :)

    You add a base rate of $1 and lower the mileage and per minute. Now, let me sit down with these math geniuses and let me explain to them how basic math works.
  15. aparent

    Drivers for Disabled

    There are many parents in the DFW area looking for patient, kind drivers for adults with developmental disabilities. These adults have places they need to go to. They need to arrive at these places as quickly as possible and on time. They need to be picked up on time so they don't stand...
  16. Dallas007

    DFW drop off @ Departures or Arrivals level?

    Most pax prefer to be dropped off upstairs at DFW ('Arrivals')...the DFW rules per Lyft say to drop off in Departures level. What do you do? Has dropping off upstairs been an issue? Which zones upstairs are fair game...pax pickup...shared ride zone? I've dropped many upstairs with zero...
  17. EDFW

    Airport Que missing

    Anyone having an issue seeing the airport Que's on the android app?? I cannot see any que at all.
  18. dirtylee

    Boost me Baby one more time!!!

  19. S

    Cowboys stadium, advice for passenger

    I'm going to a football game next Saturday night at Cowboys stadium in Arlington and hoping to take Uber home. I have never been to the stadium before nor have I taken Uber. Total noob. So, DFW Uber experts, where is the best place around the stadium to catch an Uber? (willing to walk within...
  20. Bad uber pro

    New Feature: Scheduling a ride

    Dear Uber: How did you figure out this was a good idea without a cancellation policy. Assuming someone schedule a ride in McKinney and the closest driver is in Plano, how would you possibly ask someone to drive 20min without guaranteeing money. I was in the cab business and I know all about...