dfw airport geozone

  1. Stars28

    DFW Protocol

    Yesterday, in the waiting lot on the north side by the humongous American flag, there was a DFW police officer moving people along from parking along the white fence. He was also scanning DFW permits. I know this is a fire lane, but lots of people park here. Can you get a ticket for this...
  2. A

    New State regulations

    Just started and trying to understand. Do the new state guidelines eliminate the need for a permit at DFW and Love?
  3. EDFW

    Airport Que missing

    Anyone having an issue seeing the airport Que's on the android app?? I cannot see any que at all.
  4. Driving and Driven

    DFW GeoZone Quirkiness

    I was exiting the South exit of the DFW airport and noticed, as per usual, it took me out of the geozone queue right before the U-turn leading back to the terminals and I went merrily on my way. As I drove over to County Line Road and headed East, I noticed I had been placed back in the airport...