1. eyewall

    What were the original rates in Detroit when Uber started there?

    What were the original rates when Uber first started in Detroit? I mean even before 75 cents a mile. I am trying to get an idea of just how far prices have been cut overall.
  2. cleansafepolite

    You can call or find anyone at Uber to disscuss the severe rate cuts in Detroit.

    There are many ways to go about this, and I know somebody there in detroit would just love to talk to the persons responsable for your harsh rate cut. Personally i have been searching for a while as I would like to personally meet some of them. NOW YOU CAN...
  3. P

    I need an Uber Black car this Friday

    I wish we could pre-arrange uber drivers on our app. I need a black car to pick up my father in Bay City, MI and drop him off in Clarkston, MI THIS Friday October 30th,2015 - he must arrive in Clarkston at 6pm and then pick him up Sunday at 2pm and take him back to Bay City, MI. The car must...
  4. UberNorthStar

    Uber Driver Carjacked and Kidnapped Driver was kidnapped to take riders on a crime spree.