1. B

    Detailing/Headlight Restoration

    Hello! I know we're all a bunch of cheapskates, but any drivers need some detailing on their vehicles? Or, have some headlights that have seen better days and need a little help? I've got a garage for a goodies. Leave a comment or message me if you're interested.
  2. Marco Solo

    Can you recommend an affordable detailer?

    I want to find someone to clean my interior (especially the cockpit/dashboard) and exterior, including the application of a coat of wax. (Or two coats? I never wax my cars). Ideally someone with a steady hand who also can fill in some scratches with a paint stick I'll obtain from a dealership...
  3. Aevans


    Wash Valet is offering all Uber drivers a free car wash at their Perimeter Mall Location. Pull in to the Hammond Drive side of the mall parking lot across from Chik-fil-a, and present your Uber app to receive the free wash. Add them on Instagram @wash_valet for even more discounts and prizes.
  4. SurgeMasterMN

    Auto Show Week - Has anyone worked this week previous years?

    Was curious has anyone worked the autoshow week the previous years? Did u see a bump in rides? I would think the day or two before it is done Mpls to airport will be bumping..
  5. Octosaur

    Car wash/Details

    I'm curious as to how often you guys tend to get wash's or details for your cars? I drove uber for about 2 years (part time) in Los Angeles and recently moved out to Vegas for a job at an auto spa. Wanted to see what you all typically pay to get the work done and see if maybe something can be...
  6. U

    Car Detailing... what is the going rate?

    I ran into my old UPS driver (seriously, the BEST driver!) and he started a side job detailing cars and he will come to you DC/PG/HoCo/MoCo. What is the going rate for this service? Never been much for car washing/detailing before Uber.
  7. BurgerTiime

    Poor Uber Driver gets an unwanted vehicle detailing job

    *Miami Doctor Breaks Silence: *Update Woman is Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident Doctor with Jackson Health System and has been suspended pending an investigation...
  8. Wyreless

    Auto Salon in Germantown Offers UBER Drivers $59/ mth UNLTD Premium Washes

    I was driving back from WALMART getting some *Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer™ and I saw the Germantown Auto Salon on Rt 118 and decided to give them a go. I got to say it was a great experience from start to finish. The young lady, Destiny, who was working the cashier both was incredibly...
  9. N

    Passenger throw up (vomit) cleanup.

    So Halloween night I had a passenger throw up what seemed at least a good 3 quarts of food and fluid. They gently rested their chin on my windowsill and hurled, spilling half out my car, and the rest in my car and down INTO the door. No ordinary detailer is going to shampoo that smell out. I...

    Halloween cleaning tips

    For when Tinkerbell farts all over your seats after shots of Fireball and street hot dogs.