1. BadYota

    Destination Long Trip

    Does anybody have any luck using their 2 destination filters for really long trips around the state? Like if you wake up early Friday or Saturday and put the destination as Orlando or Miami would you get a bite or just end up in St Augustine? got this great ride from the airport yesterday to St...
  2. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Playing The Bengali Shuffle at "The Shitter" Uber Shuffle at Heathrow Airport Anyone try to do the Bengali Shuffle at YYZ. How has destination discrimination been working out for you? Have you been banned or cancelled due to this game?
  3. Waingro

    Uber Pool Hack disclosed to me from a PAX - Uber Pool Fare Price Lowers

    Hi Ants, An Uber pool pax showed me an interesting hack in that if you use a major drop off as the destination like Sydney Town Hall or Central Station in the suggested destinations instead of entering a street address like 281 Clarence Street or pointing the pin to anything other than a major...
  4. ZenUber

    Pax says - “you get no...”

    I pick up two women going to a movie theater. Younger one is twenty something, older one is fifty something. Very quiet pickup, no sign of trouble. When we get about a block away from the destination, I ask if it’s on the left or the right, because I don’t see a theater. They tell me it’s about...
  5. RickGnVa

    Lyft Destination Mode being reduced to 2 times per day (Just like Uber)

    In true fashion Lyft would tries to sell this as an improvement... Was 6, now it’s 2. That’s an improvement for them not us.... Lyft's destination mode is shyte anyway but come on....
  6. ZenUber

    Two Junkies and a kid.

    Accepted a request from the hood. I hate dead miling it out of there when I’m on a roll, so I just took it. There’s a 6 to 8 year old boy, his mom (with Blue Hair) and Grandma. They are kind of sluggish getting in the car. Blue mom somehow manages to get her phone cord stuck down next to the...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Uber: changing trip destination

    From the local Uber newsletter (‘On the road in Canberra’) of 19 June 2019: Did you know? Both you and your rider can edit the destination of a trip. If needed: Tap on the black navigation bar at the top of your screen You'll see a list of turn-by-turn directions Scroll all the way to the...
  8. S

    Testing see passenger info if acceptance rate over 90%

    anyone else see this? I haven't gotten to test it yet since my acceptance rate is 65% from last week and it doesn't reset anymore due to the rolling 7 days acceptance rate now. Considering trying to get my acceptance rate up to 90% to test it today to see if it's worth it
  9. Robert Villa

    First destination payout

    I received my first destinations pay out, drum rolllllll --.... a whopping $3.43. I wasn't expecting it as I drive in Reading, PA. Reading did not have the reduced fare on destination filter so that's why I was not expecting the payout. However, the reason I got it is, by chance, other trips...
  10. ZenUber

    Pax can’t edit destination.

    This has been happening for the three months that I’ve been driving. Half of the customers can change the destination, and half of them can’t. I had one of the pax (who could edit) show me their phone, so I can see the edit button. I’ve also seen pictures of what it looks like on the screen. But...
  11. ZenUber

    Customers having trouble updating the destination

    I'm getting customers who don't know how to change the destination, or add a stopping point. I don't know how to show them. I always tell them to swipe up. Some of them find it and some of them can't. I try to figure it out for them, but I can't find it either. Anybody know how?
  12. Initial D

    Question about "Drive to Airport - You will get a request on the way" (Lyft)

    Whenever I'm at SFO or the Oakland Airport, I always get the message to drive to the airport for a ride from Lyft after I'm really close to the top of the queue. I was wondering, is the queue still moving while this message is up? I usually wait on Lyft and get a request for Uber, so I can tell...
  13. U

    Side by Side Comparison between the ever worsening Uber and Coast so Far Clear Lyft

    First off, my system is my system. It's what works for me. For the most part, it's opposite the mainstream. I use 5 of my 6 DFs during the highly concentrated AM rush. On good days, I get multi trips per DF. Perhaps this simple analysis wouldn't match cucumber to cucumber with your...
  14. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Destination rides only

    Anyone here ever do destination rides only?
  15. AllenChicago

    See The Destination Before Accepting The Ride...Is Returning To Lyft.

    December 4, 2018 According to a Lyft e-mail today, this feature is making a comeback. FINALLY! The only catch is that your Acceptance Rate must be 90% or better. Copy/Paste from the E-mail: "Coming soon: Preview your destination before tapping Accept. As long as your acceptance rate stays...
  16. Willjohnsdrive

    Lyft Driver's App

    been doing LYFT for about 2 weeks now, and my app will sometimes not make a sound when a new request pops up. What this means is that if I am not looking at the app I am getting dinged for missing a ride.... Also, is there a way to see the rider's destination? I actually start off with, "So...
  17. Randomblina

    Destination Setting, Is It Worth Using?

    Does anyone here use the destination setting, and do you feel it’s worth the (sometimes) wait? I live near Mesa Gateway, so when I finish early in the morning I usually set that as my destination. It’s only worked one time, and I’m not sure if I am using it the right way. Also, is it possible...
  18. T

    Has anyone been deactivated/reported for calling passenger for destination?

    I do this sometimes when im in the airport. Im a NJ driver and theres no shot im going to go into nyc. Today i got cursed out by a pax for calling and asking lol. Reason i called was because #1 he was added to my que and i didnt get a chance to deny or accept it and #2 i had to pick up my son...
  19. Gone_in_60_seconds

    LYFT App Issues - Pick up and Destination address not visible

    I notice that only the LYFT App has this issue. When I accept the request, i am unable to see the pick up address, until the google maps takes me to that actual destination first. And then after i press pick up passenger, the destination address is visible for 3 seconds or less, and then the...
  20. ryan137

    Lyft Destination Mode

    Seems pretty useless. I think I've set it at least 80 times and only gotten like 4 pings. Uber at least gives me SOMETHING on almost every destination set. Even if it's a single short ride. Anybody having better success?