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destination filter

  1. J

    Is the destination filter available and working in Philly ?

    Wondering if it works if its enabled here. Thanks !
  2. kon

    I am really liking the new destination filter feature..

    What do you guys think about it? I think its way better than Lyfts
  3. kon

    Destination Filter Review

  4. UberCoC

    So I think I found a bug/exploit...

    So this is what was happening: I live in the ontario/ rancho cucamonga area and I wanted to use the destinations feature to get a trip out to la so I dont have to deadhead all the way there without a pax. Well everytime I opened the app I would see the stupid little clipboard in the top left...
  5. D

    I'd really like the Destination filter to work, but it fails big-time

    I've used the Destination filter three times. Once it matched me with two tiny rides that, although were in my intended direction, I had to go out of my way to get to the pick-up locations and only made about $3 factoring in gas and milage. The other two times the Destination filter matched me...
  6. PsykoEinstein

    Set Destination?

    Is the "set destination" available right when you download the app? or you have to earn it? Has anyone tried to set it really far away (60 miles max i believe?) to get multiple long rides using uberX? If yes, successful or not? Share do's and don't's on that long ride.
  7. poopyhead

    Another app update

    How often do they need to update this app? Didn't they just do an update last week? This is worse than itunes. Anyone download the new update? Is the destination filter back on?
  8. Dave Z13

    df is bs

    I've tried destination finder a few times and it is pretty much useless the closer you get to the Bay Bridge (both sides). I had a rather frustrating morning driving back and forth to West Oakland BART trying to get into SF - which was surging all morning - with df set to SF. Same type of thing...
  9. Uzcaliber

    Waze Rider app for commuter

    I just found this new ridesharing app, Waze Rider, by the reputable Waze navigation company for commuters and part-timers like myself. Hopefully more people would sign up. The nice thing is you don't have to worry the trips go the opposite direction when you go to work or on the way home. I know...
  10. S

    Uber Destination Filter

    A couple weeks ago my Uber app updated and it had a destination filter. I didn't use it at first. This past Saturday I wanted to use it, but it wasn't there. It did have two new features which I think are an improvement: Pause Ride Requests, and Auto-Pilot. (I know most drivers hate Uber...
  11. F

    Los Angeles destination filter

    Yesterday as I was logging off, a destination filter prompt came up allowing me to set my destination. However, after yesterday, I can't find it anymore. Anyone else seen it?
  12. UberReallySucks

    Destination Filter

    What is the point if this feature only appears randomly and there's no way to access it when you actually do want to use it? Can't Uber just be like his little pink sister and keep it simple? :cool::cool::cool:
  13. tripntreats

    Destination Filter next few weeks?

    Uber rep told me they're rolling out with the Destination Filter next few weeks, anyone heard this? Destination filter or Driver Destination will only connect riders to drivers who are already going in their direction.
  14. UberMeansSuper

    Destination Filter is Here; UberPOOL must not be far behind

    Have you noticed the "Destination Filter" in your app lately? (Click to expand): It's also accessible from the Clipboard menu: It can only be used twice a day (maybe once on the way to work, once on the way home). Cities that have Pool seemed to get this first. We will soon be competing...
  15. SMH Uber

    Destination Filter did NOT work for me

    Tried Destinstion Filter last night. It did not work. I was on the north side and enter an address in the burbs. I was sent to north ave to drop off a passenger at the metra station downtown. From there I was sent to pick up at the Cadillac Palace to a destination in the west loop. From there I...
  16. Diesel Driver

    It just me, or is the Lyft destination filter usless for everyone.

    I have tried using the Lyft destination filter several times. I live in the Shoreline area, and I will turn it on to go downtown when I am heading to my other job. (I work for the Mariners on game days.) I will also turn it on when I am downtown and I want to head home. I have never yet...
  17. D

    Lyft Line and Destination Filter ( not uberpool)

    Just Curious about early experiences with Lyft Line and/or the Destination Filter in Miami/FLL? Sounds like drivers wont get screwed. Have only done one line ride and didn't have to pick up more than one passenger. Trip was 5.4mi and 18 minutes. Fare was $6.72 ( no tip). and before lyft's take...
  18. JaredJ

    Driver destination feature is coming

    Woot. Uber drivers live with uncertainty: there's no guarantee that they'll get a passenger on the way home from a long shift, or while they're running errands. However, they're about to catch a break. Uber is rolling out a feature (currently only in the San Francisco Bay Area) that lets...
  19. Lyft_94110

    Destination filter tips? (SF Bay Area)

    I've been a Lyft driver for about two weeks. In that time, I've tried to use the destination filter to find passengers on my commute to my day job between San Francisco and Redwood City. I've never gotten a passenger when using the destination filter. I know I am supposed to wait a while, but I...