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  1. BurgerTiime

    Riders will have to pay an extra six-percent on their ride under the new tax bill. DES MOINES, Iowa People who use ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft will have to pay an extra six-percent on their ride under the new tax bill. Some Uber drivers think that's unfair to low-income riders. Dave...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver busted with meth and OWI with passenger in back According to police documents, Lettow smelled of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, his speech was slurred and he swayed when he stood.
  3. Schlabobble

    Question About Uber Plus/Select

    I just got certified to start driving UBER. I currently drive a Chrysler 300, which is on the list of UBER select cars. Does Des Moines offer UBER Plus/Select here in Des Moines??
  4. U

    Ames drivers let's make a group chat

    Ames drivers, I think it would be beneficial for all of us to figure out a way to communicate like a group chat twitter or what'sapp group. Please send me a massage lf you are interested.
  5. tiveba

    Improve Uber

    What could Uber do to improve your experience driving with Uber?
  6. UberIowa15

    Drivers' guide to rating passengers

    I've noticed that the ratings system in Des Moines is not a reliable indicator of the quality of passengers. From talking to other drivers, I get the sense that many just automatically rate virtually everyone 5 stars, sometimes in front of them at the end of a ride to subtly push for...
  7. I

    Des Moines Airport to Grinnell College- Uber?

    The transportation limitations from Des Moines airport to Grinnell college are very limited. The college runs a shuttle with limited times and days. I am on the parents list and everyone – from larger cities on the East Coast West Coast and Midwest – are eager for over options at the airport. I...
  8. bobper

    How-Uber-drivers-could-trip-up-ceo-Travis Kalanickl This needs to get out to all drivers as soon as possible.
  9. UberIowa15

    No surge even though no uberX available?

    How is it possible that no uberX is available in several Des Moines neighborhoods, yet there's no corresponding surge? Uber is not very transparent about what kind of demand is required to generate a surge. They don't say, for example, what kind of action(s) trigger(s) a surge: average wait...