1. Angelena Nunez

    Postmates payout breakdown and shorted wait time pay

    I can’t understand the way Postmates pay and deposits breakdown. Under deliveries in my dashboard it shows the delivery fee+tips but the deposits are random and don’t match up. Does anyone have an understanding if this that they can share? My first 3 days pay was deposited as a lump sum...
  2. Justin H

    Anyone using Square cash debit or prepaid debit for instant pay?

    I'm aware of Ubers gobank card you can sign up for but is anyone using a card like squares cash debit card(or any prepaid debit card like bluebird or PayPal debit) successfully for instant transfers? Curious if anyone has had any luck..
  3. Zardoz

    anyone direct-depositing earnings into a savings accounts?

    curious if anyone driving for either uber or lyft has been able to set it up so that their weekly earnings are deposited into a savings account , not a checking account ? i drive PT , and had been putting my earnings into paying off a credit card , and now that i've finally managed to pay that...
  4. Sylvester

    Atlas Cars

    Given the recent goings on, I'm considering signing up with Atlas Cars so as not to be completely stuffed if Uber do lose their appeal/bail out of London. I've already trawled the archive and found a few aged comments, but do any of you have any recent experience with them? They want a £200...
  5. C

    Express Drive - Hertz payment question

    Hi guys- new Lyft Express Drive renter here... quick question (can't seem to find it online anywhere) - Lyft has already taken $250 deposit and I know I have to take my credit card with me tomorrow to pickup my rental but what will I be paying at Hertz? I just want to be sure there's enough...
  6. KC4EVR

    Can I get another vehicle without paying a new deposit my car was totaled 3 weeks after I got it.

    I could really use some help if anyone knows anything about this, I had just got started driving with Uber the beginning of March and had a 2014 Nissan Sentra which I leased through Xchange Leasing. I had made only 2 payments when a vehicle ran a red light and T-boned me at an intersection...
  7. Ghwwe72

    How much does Hertz charge your credit card when you pick up rental

    I am picking up the Hertz rental tomorrow going to try it for a week to see how it goes. How much do they charge your card? I know the $250 deposit is charged but do they charge the first week and do they put any additional amount on hold. Also I can extend it out for up to 28 days do they...