1. MountainFairy

    First designated Uber & Lyft pickup spots in Morrison

    Hey friends! I just wanted to share something that I discovered yesterday that blew me away. My rider was headed to the Kygo concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater yesterday and she added a pickup in Morrison on our way. I pulled over at Red Rocks Beer Garden on the corner of Stone St. and Mount...
  2. Sold My Soul For Stars

    Traffic: Road Closures / Delays

    Good morning everyone! I was going to let you guys know I-70 is shutdown and then I thought, it might be a good idea to start a thread. We can post any road closures or significant delays as we encounter them. I70 E - QUEBEC TO CENTRAL PARK I-70 is shut down eastbound from Quebec to...
  3. robg77

    Why do Denver drivers ignore Pool?

    I'm a frequent Uber passenger and a part-time driver. On Saturday, I wanted to see how Uber Express was like for passengers and ordered a ride (I normally never take Pool/Express as a pax). But after three attempts, I kept getting the same 4.6-rated driver who was 8 minutes away despite the app...
  4. CoGirl303

    DIA Grievances

    I have been doing mostly DIA rides for a while and have some serious complaints against drivers, to the point that I made an account on here to get this across to people. Here we go: 1. Please stop tailgating, cutting off, or almost running me or other drivers off the road in order to get ahead...
  5. Urging for Surging

    Most Common Types of Riders in each Neighborhood

    Denver - High ratio of men to women - Guys named "Matthew" who wear a ball cap, flannel shirt, jeans, and have heavy stubble. They crack the window no matter how cool it is in the car. Always ride alone and late at night. Boulder - High ratio of women to men - Packs of sorority girls dressed to...
  6. ExplrMore

    Earn More While Driving in Denver

    Hey Denver drivers, we are looking to expand our network of drivers in your area! ExplrMore is an app that has a directory listing of local businesses in the Denver area, and shows video content for those businesses. Drivers make more money each month simply by having the app available for rider...
  7. Maven

    Cabster: Ever Use It? is a "taxi-cab reservation" service, available in limited locations including Boston, MA Washington, DC Denver, CO Jacksonville, FL Has anybody ever used this service? If so, what was your experience? Is it only for taxi-plated cars? Would you recommend it?
  8. C

    Drunk guy said a racial slur...

    Morning Denver drivers! Had a typical strange night in town... I get Lyft Plus ping way out in the country, 26 minutes away mind you. Usually when I get these the pax will cancel because of the distance. I wait 2 minutes and they don't cancel sweet I'm thinking. When I get to location it's...
  9. B

    Bicycle deliveries, anyone?

    Anyone on here delivering in Denver via the lovely bicycle yet? I'm STILL waiting for the onboarding process to be complete... and I already am an approved and active UE driver! I guess I need to go into the Greenlight and see what's up... unless they haven't launched it here in Denver area...
  10. B

    UberEats Denver / Daily report

    THIS IS AN UBER EATS THREAD ONLY. Thought I'd start this thread for anyone curious or delivering UE. Personally, I'm interested in seeing trends. This may include solid, empirical data (example: screenshot or data... date/time online/# of deliveries etc) and observational / informed...
  11. Kelton McNair

    Select & XL only help

    So I have a '17 4Runner. I qualify for XL and Select so I had an account created for those under my car. I know the system pretty well and was making 40$ an hour last week with all of the boosts and stuff. But now that I had this account created because of the lack of boosts, I'm struggling on...
  12. dantyh78

    Driving in Denver

    I drive for Uber in Tampa right now. I'm thinking about moving to Denver. Does anyone know how well the Uber situation is going there. Pretty slow here in Tampa. Like $10-$15 an hour. Thanks,
  13. xl HeiZ lx

    Could someone write me up a typical day ONLY as a full-time driver @ DEN

    Whats goin Denver Int'l drivers? So I'm currently driving full time in Maryland, and I primarily drive at Baltimore-Washington Int'l. I'm curious how the rides are out there, fo you get a decent amount of rides out to Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other cities that are farther out than Denver...
  14. Kennedy C

    Ode to my Denver uber driver (Need for Speed: Cannabis Run)

    I stood on the sidewalk with my suitcase in tow. Off to the airport I had to go. He drifted the corner up on two wheels. Screeched to a halt I was getting the feels. Without a word I heard the trunk click. Threw in my bag thinking "geez what a dick". I jumped in the back seat of his tiny...
  15. nomogmos

    Few Denver Promotions - especially "do-able" ones

    It doesn't seem like there are any/many (realistic) promotions in the Denver market. This last one, SuperBowl Sunday, requiring 15 rides in 6 hours, seemed unobtainable/impossible for me, especially after it took 2.5 hours to get my first ride. I have NO interest in Boulder rides, for thrifty...
  16. SoobieDriver

    Check fares that take longer than estimated

    Hey guys! Just a heads up and many of you may already know this but I had so many fares this weekend in Aspen take longer than usual because of traffic and I noticed several of my fares weren't paying out for the extra time. I disputed many and got all the fares adjusted. If I hadn't noticed it...
  17. SoobieDriver

    Xgames in Aspen is dead

    K this is depressing. I got up here to Aspen for the Xgames this morning around 11am and I've had 2 rides all day. Damn this sucks! K I'm gonna go pout in my corner now:(
  18. avionyxuber

    Denver > Las Vegas..

    So I'm a new and approved driver as of yesterday morning (Monday Jan 9) in the Denver, CO area. I moved my family to Las Vegas two weeks ago but had to return to CO (Monday Jan 2) to continue working while I wait for my new employer to give me my official start date. I should be making the final...
  19. gypsydriver

    Lyft Primetime Question

    Hi! Yesterday I was driving in downtown and I was sitting in a hot pink zone and was very aware of which streets were surged. I'd say it was probably between 250%-450%. Get a ping on a street that was clearly lit up, pick up ride, take them to their destination. I end the trip and there's no...
  20. SoobieDriver

    Well tonight was a huge flop!!!

    So glad I stayed in denver tonight! Everywhere else around downtown lit up for a little bit around midnight but I was scared to chase that surge and then see downtown go red so I stayed put..... And for what? $111 on select and black. Very sad night to say the least. I've made more on a Wed...