denver international airport

  1. Tim Goyette

    DIA Holding lot

    Hello! The other night I went to the DIA holding lot, East side by commercial lot, and it looked like it was closed. There was nobody there and there was a fenced off area that contained construction vehicles. Am I loosing my mind (certainly a possibility), is it closed or is it at a...
  2. xl HeiZ lx

    Could someone write me up a typical day ONLY as a full-time driver @ DEN

    Whats goin Denver Int'l drivers? So I'm currently driving full time in Maryland, and I primarily drive at Baltimore-Washington Int'l. I'm curious how the rides are out there, fo you get a decent amount of rides out to Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other cities that are farther out than Denver...
  3. Rahlo

    $25 Surcharge just to use E-470* Don't get duped like me.

    The fine print of your RENTAL CAR agreement says you'll be charged $25 per contract to use: America's most expensive road. *That's $25 not including mileage* That's: 7 Miles = $42 to E-470. Don't be like me. Now I avoid E-470.
  4. BobCat Ridge

    UBERSKI has arrived in Utah, sounds like CO maybe prepping similar program..

    Here is the link: They are going to market in Salt Lake area as X and XL rates with a $4 surcharge on top. "uberSKI services all resorts along the Wasatch Front – from Ogden, to Park City, to the Cottonwoods – and has...
  5. Tim Goyette

    WAZE and DIA

    I have noticed WAZE looses connectivity to its server when I go to DIA. Just about the time I get to the "Demon Horse" the app starts clocking and I get "Oh Snap!" messages. The GPS functionality continues to work but I continue to get the error messages until I leave DIA. It doesn't seem to...