denver airport

  1. L

    Getting placed at end of the airport queue

    Since they moved us to level 5 we no longer get a match after drop off, which i understand why. What i don't get is why they can't set the airport queue to prioritize drivers ( say there is 70 car in the lot, maybe we can be thrown in the middle of the queue or something...) who just gave a...
  2. tbrook01

    DIA Queue Question

    I've never bothered sitting in the queue to wait for rides before, but I'm curious if its worth spending a Friday or Saturday night just doing rides than going to wait again. What's the wait like in reference to how many cars are ahead of you? Is it like an hour per 25 cars ahead? Thanks.
  3. Daisey77

    DIA and Expanded Geofence

    Hey guys, as most of you are aware, Uber has relaxed the Geofence at DIA. Personally, I love this little perk. If I get hungry, I can run to get something to eat. If I end up in the queue longer than I expected, I can go grab gas. Hell, the fact we can actually use a real bathroom, is very much...
  4. CoGirl303

    DIA Grievances

    I have been doing mostly DIA rides for a while and have some serious complaints against drivers, to the point that I made an account on here to get this across to people. Here we go: 1. Please stop tailgating, cutting off, or almost running me or other drivers off the road in order to get ahead...
  5. U

    DIA - Long Trip Notification

    I'm curious if anyone is getting the long trip notifications from the airport? I had an airport run late last night that took me to Loveland. It would have been nice to know that the trip was over an hour before I started it. I had another one a few weeks ago where I actually called the...
  6. Kelton McNair

    Select & XL only help

    So I have a '17 4Runner. I qualify for XL and Select so I had an account created for those under my car. I know the system pretty well and was making 40$ an hour last week with all of the boosts and stuff. But now that I had this account created because of the lack of boosts, I'm struggling on...
  7. xl HeiZ lx

    Could someone write me up a typical day ONLY as a full-time driver @ DEN

    Whats goin Denver Int'l drivers? So I'm currently driving full time in Maryland, and I primarily drive at Baltimore-Washington Int'l. I'm curious how the rides are out there, fo you get a decent amount of rides out to Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other cities that are farther out than Denver...
  8. SoobieDriver

    UberX driver at DIA is a maniac!!!

    Wow! I was around the airport Monday night (830ish pm) driving Uberblack coming around the bend (ya know the bend where you have to get over 3 lanes from the slow lane, under the bridge that circles ya back around) before you turn into the commercial lot, and I had a much older Subaru Outback...
  9. SoobieDriver

    No longer DF to DIA?

    Does anyone know why Uber discontinued the DF for trips to DIA?