delivery service

  1. M

    Should I sign up for LaserShip?

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, but I've been doing this for a few months. I started off as an Uber and Lyft driver and now while I'm a Via driver currently, I'm transferring over to delivery duties starting with Amazon Flex and its been awesome so far. Its hard to get shifts when they're not...
  2. Ziggy

    UberMule - Uber driver picked up a lot more than just passengers A city Uber driver used his car to moonlight as a heroin courier, ferrying kilos around town, authorities say. José del Rosario Fernandez, 31, used his black Toyota Highlander to pick up Manhattan customers —...
  3. Bepell

    Question for Meal/Food Deliverers

    I am in the process of creating a Meal Delivery service and I wanted to get some feedback from meal deliverers. I've been reading some articles/comments regarding the frustrations of delivery drivers for Munchery, Caviar and Postmates. It appears that once the driver takes out taxes, gas and...
  4. Rolv Heggenhougen

    Just started driend

    I have recently started a company called driend which is the first ever friend based ride service. I am not here to promote but rather to learn from drivers so that I can fine tune our concept.
  5. Hybrids

    Any Uber/Lyft alternatives in NJ

    Signed up for Amazon Flex like 2-3 months already but no updated news from them. Wondering whether delivery jobs like Postmates or others pay better than Uber/Lyft? Any advice? I just want a part time job to fill up my slot during Tuesday to Thursday.
  6. Hybrids

    Any Postmates Delivery in Jersey City?

    I just want to know how busy it is and how much you can make in a day? I'm thinking about working only during the weekdays; lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Thursday. It's just to supplement my income. I used to work for Uber before the rate cut. But, at this current rate, I stop working for them...
  7. Choochie

    Pax asks me to buy booze and drop it off

    So it's NYE and I finally get a surge request, only 1.6x but it was early still, 9:30. So next he cancels once and again 4 more times. He gave up on getting a non-surge Fare and a minute later, after they brainstorm he calls and says he really didn't want a ride, but wanted me to go to the...
  8. Showa50

    Postmates Halloween bonus Oct 2015

    Did anyone try for this Halloween weekend bonus? $100 for completing 50 deliveries. I ran the numbers and it averaged out to be a little over 3 per hour, during required hours, a courier had to complete to get the bonus. Not an easy challenge. If anyone did try for bonus I'd like to hear how.
  9. chi1cabby

    Amazon goes after Uber and a slew of other on-demand startups with its own delivery service