1. D

    A few questions regarding delivering for uber eats.

    Hi all, I have a few questions regarding uber eats and was wondering if you could help out. Firstly, when do you enable "start delivery", when you arrive at the restaurant or when you finally get the food? Also, how does surge pricing work? If I am in a surge area and get the job, but the...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Jimmy Brings looking for drivers in Canberra for alcohol deliveries

    Jimmy Brings is launching in Canberra for delivery of alcohol. Registration of interest as a delivery driver: (Check that your car insurance covers this type of activity. My understanding is that NRMA is the only company in the ACT that covers...
  3. tsmit44

    How well are you doing?

    The past couple months I've tried out all the different food delivery companies in my city. (Baton Rouge) I just thought I'd share the results so far. What's yours looking like? Per delivery including tips DoorDash - $8.90 GrubHub - $9.50 Postmates - $9.44 UberEats - $7.71 Waitr (local) -...
  4. tsmit44

    UberEats Pay Rates

    In Case You Didn't Already Know Pay before Uber fees Pickup: $1.25 Drop-off: $1.00 Per mile: $0.65 Per min.: $0.09 Uber gets 35% of the total fees. Pay After Uber Fees Pickup: $0.81 Drop-off: $0.65 Per mile: $0.42 Per min.: $0.06 Sample: A 1.28 mile delivery that takes 16 minutes and...
  5. Rickos69

    Far Away Pickups

    Well, I guess I had to try it for myself. I was too stubborn to listen to people here. Yesterday, after my my 8-5 job, I went Ubering 5-9. I decided, as a test, to accept any far away pings as long as they had a minimum of $10. My thinking was that since on weeknights my goal is to make at...
  6. BurgerTiime

    2021 Uber eyes food drone delivery

    Full story: Uber Technologies Inc. envisions taking to the skies with a fleet of food-delivery drones in as little as three years, an ambitious timeline for a ride-hailing company that would...
  7. The Angels

    Reasons you've given 'Thumbs Down'

    I just started doing UberEats last week and I'm neutral on it. Main reason I do it is because you can rack up trips towards quests/bonuses faster doing it... Out of the 20 or so deliveries I've done, I've given 3 "thumbs down." Which reasons have you given either the business or the customer...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    ParcelShare establishing in Canberra

    An app-based parcel and document delivery service known as ParcelShare is establishing itself in Canberra and is seeking delivery partners. You may wish to look into this further if you would like to diversify your earning opportunities. See
  9. M

    Delivery Driver App stuck in delivery

    Twice during a delivery I have received a Navigation error both times after I said the order was not ready. ( Not sure if cause or coincidence) Now my phone is stuck in the delivery and I can't get out of it. thoughts? help? is this happening to other people?
  10. W


    Can you set in the app if you'd rather do food deliveries instead of people pickups?
  11. ech

    UberX > UberEATS ?

    In my short experience doing uber eats I've realized I spend around 3x as long from start to finish delivering food as I do on an average uberX trip. Yet the pay for both is the same. For example, a 30 min uberEATS food run will net me about $10 profit, conversely a 10-12 min uberX will net me...
  12. Andy Torres

    Dmi3 at what time they are releasing the blocks Now

    They used to do it between 6 and 9 something 10 but last week I didn’t see nothing and today was the same some help will be appreciate
  13. QLDUberDriver

    UberEats about to get even more crowded.

    Uber is in the next stage of making it even less money to earn on UberEats with its new in app promotion up here in Brisbane. Maybe they should I wonder if they will tell drivers they get paid even less than normal when they accept multiple deliveries from one restaurant. Not to mention they...
  14. QLDUberDriver

    Uber looks to exploit another work force, Truck Drivers.

    Looks like Uber is trying to get in before Tesla releases the working demo Electric Truck later this year. But we all know how this will go with the workers, it will be good at the beginning and then become less in favor of the drivers. Uber launches Uber Freight, its app for long-haul trucking...
  15. Quatro40

    Uber Deliveries move over UPS

    I just got this text and website link from Uber check it out.
  16. Solo1

    How far are you driving ?

    1) How far are you all driving to your WH/FC ? 2) How far are you driving during your individual blocks of time 2, 3 or 4 ? 3) What region are you working in? I'm pretty close to my center, about 15 minutes ... My 4hr blocks are about 15-25 miles, center to the end of my deliveries ... That...
  17. TheCoach

    ubereats hoboken thats the summary for my first 3weeks

    Hi i strated delivering with ubereats three weeks ago .. the first week 22 hours ( 100$ for making the first 10 trips + 25$ for extra 5 trips + 150 in fares ) 375$ second week 24 hours 300$ third week 24h ( i referred my friend and received 400$:D + 30 trips for 125 extra ) 800$:D is that...
  18. R

    Postmates Tips Phoenix Metro/Valley

    Attachment: Got lucky on that one. Any ideas for consistent tips? Good areas to hang out in? Been in a slump, but I want to hang with it. No negativity, please. Thanks.
  19. Michaacb

    Opt in for Uber delivery?

    Something weird just happened in my app. I received a large red banner notification in the app telling me that I had to update before I could drive. I assumed it was one of the umpteenth app upgrades, so I followed to prompts. However, the app never closed out to run an update. What I did get...
  20. W

    Mind Blowing Hourly Guarantees

    With Uber Eats OMG Has anyone seen this weeks hourly guarantees? $10-13 an hour tops (Before Gubers 25% cut)...What a bunch of shit this is! I hope that a lot of you Eats drivers will take this week off, surely you wouldn't waste your time working for peanuts... Let's drive the hourly rates...