1. Callie Z.

    Need Help from Drivers

    Hi Drivers, We are design students from IIT working on a course project to design an application to help ride-share and delivery drivers better track their deductible expenses. That being said, we would love to invite you to an easy, remote, about-30-minute user test. As we are currently...
  2. GalinMcMahon

    How does the mileage deduction work?

    I'm using quickbooks with my Uber "business." I did my first quarterly and with expenses I was ahead by a couple hundred. Entering my mileage for the second quarter has been different. I notice that if I enter 100 miles which should be $54 (57?) then the deduction in taxes owed only changes...
  3. MaxJoy

    Does Uber allow registering Uber X driver as a S-Corp?

    Hello Uberpeople! I am thinking of driving for Uber on my spare time and would like to know if I can have Uber pay me under my S-Corp with its own tax ID. I already have W2 from my full-time job and would like the additional income from Uber to go under S-Corp I have set up for professional...
  4. Ewraith

    WHEN to mark down Milage

    HI all, I'm going to make this short but detailed because I can't find a damn answer on this. I've been driving for lyft for about 2 months but am now starting to take mileage. I live in Brooklyn,NY but lyft in Jersey City. My main question is, do I mark down my odometer the second I get into...
  5. M

    Check this list to make sure you're not missing any tax deductions

    We all owe it to ourselves to know the latest tax deduction information. This is the best list I've found to-date to check my daily expenses against. (repost from Tax, since it's pay related)
  6. G

    Uber is collecting TNC license fees

    Gotta love it. Just received a text from Uber stating that they are deducting the $11.01 TNC license from my earnings last week. WTH?!? If it's not one thing it's another.