1. Antvirus

    Uber As Loan Shark? Help Uber Build Something New

    Check your app for the latest survey. Uber handing out loans? My that's comforting...
  2. H


    Its pretty understandable that, humans are only a device for corporations to make money, so it would make sense that lyft now in controlled by the few. As we see just docile changes, we notice that we as drivers mean nothing to this company, as they continue to pay us less, and make more profit...
  3. Prius13

    Why does ..

    Dave Ramsey always promote Uber for side hustle for in between jobs or do Debt snowball. It is not all that.
  4. F

    UberEats Insulated Bag

    Hello everyone, I will explain my situation: two or three months ago I joined UberEats because, supposedly, I was going to work in a very casual way... the thing is that I never really did a single delivery, and now I have the insulated bag and a AU$-30 on my account balance. I'm looking for...
  5. Kat.from.New.Jersey

    UberX and Lyft (standard 4 seat) can't ALONE support a NJ resident.. Anyone else struggling like me?

    I'm i m NJ and have degrees. I graduated with a 4.98. I can not find a job. I had a few contract jobs after college, and I bartended while in college, but my body is really screwed up from all the heavy lifting and being on concrete floors for 10 to 15 hrs a day. I have 2 herniated disks, bone...
  6. BurgerTiime

    The Financial Times: Uber is DOOMED! "Costs are costs, even if you're a monopoly" -- so the fact that Uber loses (a lot) of money on every single ride won't magically go away if the company manages to kill its competition by subsidizing riders with its investors' money. Uber...
  7. jameshetfield

    Lyft/Uber drivers owe the City of Chicago $15,000,000 in unpaid fines, tickets, and water bills

    Cool article: This @@@@@@ Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale seems to be using this as hot sauce as grounds for trying to eliminate ridesharing altogether. WTF!? Hypothetically, let's say Dept. of Finance collects 60% of this amount which is...