1. P

    HUDSON AUTO TRADE stay away ,crocks

    guys have anyone bought a car from hudson auto trade in jersey city ??? if you are not thats means your lucky, i was looking for a good used car to work with uber i found them through cargurus online i went there after i caaled about the car i saw online they said yes its still available come...
  2. C

    Insurance rip off?

    I got a car from a dealership and of course it comes with the insurance right. Now the dealership company closed without me knowing in advance. One day i just got a call from a new dealership saying they got my car title because the previous dealership got closed. So i now pay to this new...
  3. Danimal1027

    advice - buy from dealership, buy insurance and plate w/ TLC tags

    hello Was given the advice to purchase a car from a dealership, then go through the process of getting the car ready and registered with the TLC.. it seems like I can get a much nicer car (Cadillac XTS) and run both normal uberX plus get a few uberBlack calls... all while savings hundreds of...