1. S

    Vantrue n2 pro on sale today $136

    Kinja deals has vantrue pro n2 for $135.99 with code VHABOZPL Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam | $136 If I hadn't already wasted my money on the roav duocam I'd have bought this instead at this price. You can thank me later, I accept tips...
  2. Esax_08

    Amex Offer promo on Uber/UberEats and Lyft

    Just saw this in Slickdeals. Spend $15+ on Uber/UberEats with a linked Amex card and get $10 back as a statement credit. Seems like a good deal for midnight snack. And if you use Lyft, a similar promo is available but it's $15 back if you spend $75+ Mods, if posting promos likes this is...
  3. BurgerTiime

    GM Dumped $500 Million Into Lyft But It's Not Really Working Out Both General Motors and Lyft have ambitious goals to commercialize autonomous taxis in some way, but after teaming up more than two years ago, with the former investing $500 million in the latter, it seems...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Singapore's competition watchdog says Uber-Grab deal infringes competition
  5. Zap

    Do you like pizza?

    You might like this deal. When HRI do these sales, the inventory goes very quickly.
  6. Awais

    Booking uber at Sydney airport without any charge.

    Hello, I have never used uber before. I will arrive in Sydney this Sunday. I want to book an uber from international terminal to mascot train station. Uber fare calculator tells me that it will cost me about $15. Uber has a $20 deal going from Sydney airport. I want to know that whether I need...
  7. phonedeal

    Do you pay $20 a month for unlimited data?!

    You can be paying $20 a month for unlimited talk, text and data. We bet you can't find anything cheaper! How much are you paying now? Submit your answer in the poll above! Hurry! Our holiday-special prices will only be available until 01/10/17. Use promo code UberPeople10off for $10 off your...
  8. Silent_Philosodriver

    Mystery Solved - The HP-Apple-Lyft deal and What it Means for Drivers

    So, South Bay drivers got two very similar emails (with very limited info) mentioning that Lyft had entered into partnerships with HP and Apple and to expect 'additional demand' from there. Quite frankly nothing resembling additional has happened in the area in the last 3 weeks. I had a Pax...
  9. iRideShareDC

    Response To Your Comments/Inquiries On Post From 9/14/2015

    Dear UberPeople Community, We whole heartily apologize for the delay in response to your messages. Thank you all for the incredible feedback, challenging questions, and for letting us know your views on what we are trying to accomplish. We went through your comments/inquiries and came up with...